Aronofsky’s BLACK SWAN DVD Review

I don’t think anyone can accuse me of not being an artsy, sensitive guy. But even I have to call bs on Aronofsy’s BLACK SWAN. Having finally seen it, talk about much ado about nothing.

It’s one of those movies, finally seen, that I’m very happy I didn’t pay theater prices for.

I mean it’s not a bad film, it is just not a particularly strong one. It is what it is, an opera film meets REPULSION with allusions to PSYCHO, and some gratuitous sex tossed in to make you think this belongs on the big screen rather than the lifetime or scifi channel.

Ehh… I’m being perhaps a bit harsh, but I do feel it’s a bit of a twilight zone episode, padded to feature length. It’s a very sleight movie, that once it completes… is almost immediately forgettable.

Grade: C-. If thrillers that utilize unreliable narrators is your thing, then give it a rental. Otherwise… try something else.

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