The Minneapolis Unrest & Protests and Bad Actors


I always look at the news with an  eye toward rationality, and it takes one odd places, looking at irrational acts — rationally.

I will be brief.

Two days ago Mayor Frey did what I called and still call, a heroic stance, in calling for a culpable officer to be held accountable. The narrative has now been usurped by one of civil unrest.

Here is the thing, in any city you will have the people who actually want to make bad situations better, see real and valid change. And you will have that small segment, on both sides of the argument, who just want to see things get worse.

While protests and peaceful organized demonstrations are part and parcel of how historically,things requiring change have been brought to the forefront; riots and chaos are something else entirely. I have never understood the anatomy of a riot, any more than I understand the anatomy of a mob, in both situations it is about venting and losing control. The only one who benefits from riots or civil unrest, oddly enough, is law enforcement.

So I think most people in Minneapolis get this, get that civil unrest only works to obscure the actual argument, namely making sure a murderer gets punished and a pattern of organized misconduct addressed. But you have the bad apples, on both sides of the argument, the criminal element, who just uses this (or is paid to use this) as an excuse to see things burn and, the bigger picture boys, who use those spurred actions to justify the type of violence and policing, that initiated the matter to begin with.

Here is how you know– if the crowd you are in, is for you. Is this action that this mob or crowd is engaged in, going to make your hands, your heart, your homestead, your house, your, block, your family— cleaner? If the answer to that is ‘No’, then you are in the wrong crowd.

I am not huge on protests per se, just standing around and shouting and chanting and holding signs up, however boycotts are different. Boycotts where there is an actual economic component to what you are requesting, what the other side is losing, that more than anything is where real change comes from.

We remember the speeches and the marches, but what really empowered and ultimately won civil rights victories and legitimate change, during tumultuous times in the 20th century, were boycotts, such as the Pullman porters and the Montgomery boycott.

That, more than a thousand chants, or holding up signs, or even rioting, the straight-forward nuts and bolts process of holding municipalities and companies and departments fiscally responsible, boycotting mass transit, boycotting parking meters, boycotting businesses (that do not assist or endorse petitions calling for improvements),— this has real weight. When your argument is about removing finances from your opponents pockets, causing them to see their treatment of a population— affects their income — then you have lever and leverage — to move mountains.


That’s a novel 20th century idea, that I think we have lost in the 21st century. And need to get back to— now more than ever. This idea that bad actors, and treating your population poorly, can cost a department, a neighborhood, a city, a corporation , a nation— money.

So here is hoping that smarter cooler heads, stem the distractions (calculated) occurring in Minneapolis, and get back to the process of crafting a relationship between public and public servant… that works.


Kickstarter Discovery of the Day!!!! & Jim Rugg on John Siuntres Podcast!


Click here for the Kickstarter!!

An entire Blacklight Comic Book?? Count me in!!!!

Plus Jim Rugg did the excellent AFRODISIAC. (And if you like that try out the excellent BLACK DYNAMITE by Brian Ash. However if looking for something that is not a parody, but just a straightforward bit of 70s inspired action and grittiness, I highly recommend the brilliant WORLD OF HURT : THRILL SEEKERS by Jay Potts.)

Kudos to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey


We tend to be a society that is heroic — in retrospect, heroic when it is easy, heroic when heroism involves cheering a battle someone else has won, heroic when we have nothing to lose by taking a side.

We boo World War II nazis in movies or in tv shows, made into a pat, safe, ‘mustache twirling’ villain by the lie of time, we the inheritors of victory —taking courage in a war won for us, that millions fought and bled and died for.

But real Nazis, the ones of today, who infest our penal institutions (even to the management of it, as a breeding ground for more Nazis), our courts, our schools, our representation, our corporations and even our law enforcement— we turn a blind eye to.

Forgetting that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and the price we owe soldiers is not insipid platitudes of ‘Thank you for your service’, but to insure they did not die or sacrifice in vain. That the scourge of Nazism and Intolerance and Brutality that was beat back– less than 75 years ago, we do not allow to take root or be imposed on subsequent generations.

The allies can not have beaten the third Reich, only to allow the spirit of the 4th and 5th and 6th Reichs to take root in the lands of those who won. So much of what is wrong with America, from mass shootings, to police brutality, to unreasoning divisions and hatreds of creeds and colors,– is this apathy, to good and to reason and to rationality, playing out… unhindered.


So when you have a DA Marilyn Mosby,  and in today’s case Minneapolis Mayor Frey, who must challenge evil not in retrospect, not from the comfort of watching fiction,  but must take a stand in their 9 to 5, and speak out against wrong, in this day and age when the cost of being right is high, when there is much to risk for speaking for what is moral and right; well they deserve our recognition, and our respect and our support.



Currently Watching Coverage of Historic Nasa/Space X Mission!

Been postponed till Saturday due to weather, but boy that was exciting!!!!





There was a time in this nation where– when men went into the stars, the whole nation stopped and looked up. I don’t know if the whole nation, whole world is looking up today, (I think the very fact that the corporate owned News Stations in the US, aren’t covering this live –says everything about the lack of value in broadcast television, and the price politics play in news coverage) but I do think (thanks to streaming) we have more people looking at the stars, than we have in many decades. Sometimes — with pandemics and wars and hatreds and corporate malfeasance, it is easy to lose sight of something else, something larger— that we live in wondrous times.


“We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organise and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.” -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Greatest of All Time MMA List! The Final Word???

You will see a lot of people reacting to Connor McGregor’s GOAT List.

Most people with axes to grind, including the original video itself. However, I think this video by Youtube channel Weasel really gives you a list of Greatest of All Time, with ego removed, and one that actually makes sense.

Really great list. I give it a thumbs up!





The Return of WEDNESDAY’S WORDS: Must own books for week ending 31 May 2020

First, yes Wednesday’s Words is back— and I’m writing this on a Monday.

Get over it. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know what Wednesday’s Words was/is— do a search on this blog, and you’ll pull up the old editions. In a nutshell WEDNESDAY’S WORDS is where I tell you about writers and books I love. See — it is that simple.

Now into the mix!!!

Guys I told you like a year ago to pick up the Wolverston Bible, back then you could have bought it for like $40. Those of you who listened to me are quite happy, as to pick that book up now is $100 to $200.

The below books are others, that are either going to sell out, have a high chance of leaving amazon except for the digital version, or generally when they are gone, it will be a long stretch between reissues — if ever. And more than anything, all these books just deserve to be on your bookshelf. You are supporting great books, by great writers.

Never buy a book for appreciation value, buy a book because you want it for your bookshelf. However it does not hurt to also choose books that tend to, at the very least, over the long haul, hold their value. I’m talking about books like THE FANTASTIC ART OF BEKSINSKI that went from a $20 book when new– to now ,years later, being sold out and commanding $100 to $200… the same with the WRIGHTSON’S FRANKENSTEIN HC. So if you do, down the road decide you no longer want the book, you are going to at least get your $20 out of it.

Now nothing is guaranteed, as the stock market clearly shows us, but buying for enjoyment, and also being able to, when you choose, liquidate that item— that is a win-win. And the fact that you did get to enjoy the book, means you have got your purchase price out of it; even if you only sell it for a $1 down the road, you have done great. A great book, gives you your Money’s worth and then some. :).

And if you do use the below links to purchase, I would be appreciative; as the links generate very appreciated pennies for this site.

Okay onto this installment’s selections:


The Goon Vol. 1: Bunch of Old Crap, an Omnibus (The Goon (2019-)) by [Eric Powell],204,203,200_.jpgEric Powell is one of my favorite comic book creators, and i think his THE GOON series is genius, if you can afford to get the out of print Dark Horse editions go for it. But I think just insuring you pick up his affordable softcover reprint editions is a great idea. But his hardcover artbook is absolutely essential. A must own to be placed beside the stunning THE ART OF BRIAN STELFREEZE.,204,203,200_.jpg,204,203,200_.jpg,204,203,200_.jpg,204,203,200_.jpg,204,203,200_.jpg,204,203,200_.jpg,204,203,200_.jpg

Full disclosure I am a huge fan of Derrick Ferguson, and I know him, so I’m completely biassed here, but I love his work. And thing is, i am biassed on all the things I recommend. I love these books, and movies, and cds and objects that cry out to be added to my bookshelf, and I have no problem telling you that. :). This particular title, Amazon is starting to do that frightening thing — where it seems inventory is taking longer and longer to get out to people, so grab this one while still in stock.,204,203,200_.jpgWhen you look at the racist caricatures people were doing in strips and comics for the first 3rd of the 20th century, by creators like Eisner and Windsor McKay, it is a tendency for people today to try and excuse it by saying “oh it was the times’ –no, it was a choice. Mac Raboy, golden age artist extraordinaire, lived in those self same times, yet his depictions of people of color were not those stereotypes.

Then as now, it is not the times that define our choices, it is our choices that define our times. I have been waiting years, for a great hardcover on this under-known golden age great. And though what I really want to see is an oversized collection of all his comic book stories, this artist overview is also welcome, and will go beside my Matt Baker book. As of this writing book is down to 17 copies on Amazon, this is one I’m going to pick up two copies of. One for me and one as a gift.,204,203,200_.jpgGuys this is not a cheap book. Selling on Amazon for about $90 currently, which is still less than cover price. If you have not picked this up, pick it up. Because when this item sells out (and it will, this is the 2nd printing) it is going to do exactly the same thing as the first printing. It’s going to become very hard to afford on the secondary market. For a long time before this latest printing this was a $200 book. So if you have an interest in this, get it while still in-stock.


That is it. I didn’t know i was bringing back Wednesday’s Words until the end of this installment. The post started as something else, but by the end of it I realized, like John Wick— “Yeah, I guess i’m back.” 🙂

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