Blu-Ray[dvd] Indicator Powerhouse UNBOXING of the Day! and Blu-ray/3D vs 4K vs Streaming!

I cannot STAND traditional Blue blu-ray cases. If you like them it is fine, but for me they are anathema. I feel it just looks tacky when displayed.

I dislike obvious branding. I don’t mind subtle branding, but obvious branding, such as the new obtrusive 4K branding for releases, I dislike.

(just one reason I dislike 4K, which is not 4 times HD, but comes in actually at twice, and that VISIBLE difference more down to color grading than actual resolution, when it is even mastered properly. Like other reviewers I will take well mastered HD 3D with a DLP projector and good Active glasses over 4K, any-day. Heck I will take some Dvds and Blurays over 4Ks any-day. I side with Criterion with not loving being pushed into 4K, that it only serves to fragment an already too fragmented market, for negligible true quality difference. People generally prefer Criterion’s HD release of DO THE RIGHT THING over the 4K release, and other examples of this exist.

When we look back at 2020, I think we will see that was the best year [qualitatively] for physical media releases, and already here in 2021, the move to 4K, is helping to create some unexciting and uninteresting triple and quadruple dipping, and a return to unattractive physical media releases. The  branding heavy, boring artwork, no interior artwork 4 K releases are a step backward, and almost as bad as Blue cases, a throwback to the early, unattractive days of Blu-ray releases. And the rise of these bare-bones, unappealing 4K releases in 2021 undoes any progress made in 2020, and exacerbates the downward spiral of physical media).

If physical media does not look attractive on your shelf, when displayed in your kallax storage units, …what do you own it for? Just go digital rather than display something that looks like garbage, or looks as if it belongs in a frat house or pawn shop, rather than a bookshelf. So first thing I do if I get a Blue  case, is replace it with a higher quality clear case.

See the before and after pictures of the BIG HEAT and THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI , and how much better a simple case replacement makes them look.




So That is what I received in the mail today.

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UFC 259 : Mar 6th 2021 – MMA Fight Night Predictions, Betting Favorites and Outcomes! & Best Headphone EVER!


UFC 259 


In One week, comes a night of champions and challengers.

I’m a huge fan of Adesanya, he is a GREAT middleweight champion, however he is going up in weight, which he has done before as a kickboxer and a boxer, however he is going up in his first fight at a new weight class in MMA/UFC, against the Light Heavyweight Champion of the world in Blachowicz. Someone who has lived and breathed, and finally excelled and triumphed in that weight class.

Adesanya is jumping into the deepest end of the pool, with the champion of the weight class, and one of the hardest punchers of that weight class. Adesanya has made a legend of himself for triumphing over brawlers, that said, even in the middle weight division, while taller, he seemed under-sized and under powered compared to the best of the middleweights.

Everyone, and by this I mean interviewed MMA Fighters, is picking Adesanya to win this, largely because of how stunning, and unbeatable he has looked at middleweight, but I do think they are overlooking the huge step up in power, durability, that Blachowicz is going to have. And likely the reduced speed Adesanya is going to have… as he carries this additional weight, and tries to punch harder, to hurt a guy who is naturally a solid 30lbs heavier than him. We have weight classes for a reason, I see it being a bad matchup for Adesanya. 

Adesanya has proven he has a great chin, but even at middleweight his goal is to not try that chin too much, and he always seems a punch away from lights out. The Kelvin Gastelum fight, was an all out brawl with a power puncher, that gave Adesanya his hardest MMA challenge to date. Now he is going up to fight a bigger, stronger and better version of Gastelum, in Jan Blachowicz.

If Adesanya was a true light heavyweight with some fights under his belt in that weight class, I would have no problem seeing him winning this. But jumping right to the champion, with no fights or experience in that weight division, no experience with how his body is going to react with the increased weight, in a real light heavyweight fight… I don’t see him being prepared for the level shift, the loss of speed and mobility at that new weight, and the power of his opponent. I think it is an ill advised jump up, and he would have been better continuing to rule and solidify his reign at middle weight. And when ready,  then start taking light-heavyweight fights , but with contenders, not out the gate title fight.

However that is me, from the safety of my couch, being prudent. Being prudent is not what made Adesanya a champion and a household name. it was his willingness to always challenge himself, and risk losing in order to win. So I have no call, to 2nd guess him. None of us do. His courage… win, lose or draw… has brought him this far. And win, lose, or draw, his courage… will continue to make him one of the best of the world. They are all champions because they risk, where other people do not have the courage to risk. Success is ultimately… failure risked. And the bulk of humanity is afraid to risk. However, not Adesanya, or all those who compete at the highest level.

But all that said, no, I don’t see him beating Blachowicz on 6 March. I will be happy to be proven wrong, and for The Last Style-bender to once more shock the world. Maybe he will thrive and be more powerful at the 205 weight class. Time will tell.

And in the other two title fights I likewise do not see the championship belts, changing hands. I don’t see Nunes losing to Anderson, and while a huge fan of Sterling, Yan is a tough night out. I just see Yan’s pressure, and his leg kicks, and his punching power (if Sterling can’t back up Yan), being a train that is just going to run over Sterling. I’d like to be wrong in that, as well.

So those are my predictions for 6 March! Feel free to like, subscribe, email, and share your predictions! :).


You can view the promo for the fight here:

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Movie Trailer of the Day : THE EIGHT HUNDRED and 3 Must own War Movies on DVD / Blu-ray!

I am not familiar with the director, Hu Guan, and his filmography doesn’t really give a sense that a big scope war film is his repertoire, that said the trailer… looks great. As a champion of films likes SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and TAEGUKI (Best Korean Made War Movie) and DARESALAM (Best Chadian Made War Movie), I am always interested in great films about humanity’s enduring hurdle— war.

Great war films, while rousing tend to also be cautionary tales about not ending up here again. THE EIGHT HUNDRED may play more like a 40s, 50s version of War Films, more jingoistic, with less room for grey. That said, still very interested in seeing it, based on the trailer. And if anyone is entitled to see clear good and bad guys, China after what they suffered from the Japanese leading up to and during World War II, could be given some slack. War crimes were not only happening on the Western Front.

Much like America today, Germany and Japan of the 1930s and 1940s, were very much governments that were committing horrendous acts of evil; seemingly as a whole, those nations had lost their minds.

So a film about such extremism, can hardly be less— than extreme. That said an un-deft hand can make for an awkward propaganda piece, rather than a salient and absorbing film.

However the trailer has me interested enough to see which, this film turns out to be.

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Inspiring Streaming You-Tube Video of the Day : Ken Lashley Drawing Black Panther & Brother Voodoo from Scratch!

Inspiring You-Tube Video of the Day : Ken Lashley Drawing Black Panther & Brother Voodoo from Scratch!

Simply inspiring to watch Ken Lashley turn a blank piece of paper into a work of art. And his insight on his craft, and just the life lessons he provides that is of import to all endeavors we care to excel at. Just an excellent video.

And now I am on the hunt for all Ken Lashley’s work! Highly Recommended!

3D Real-D Blu-Ray Movie of the Day : Tommy Wirkola’s HANSEL & GRETEL : WITCH HUNTERS (2013)

HANSEL & GRETEL : WITCH HUNTERS (2013) – This is my 2nd time seeing this film, and my first time in 3D, and the film remains an entertaining, action packed and engaging monster-romp, with effective performances and thrilling direction, and the immersive and often impressive 3D makes the viewing even more enjoyable. The 3D throughout being a solid Very Good (3 out of 4 stars). One segment where the 3D is reference quality and top notch is the opening animated credit sequence (extolling the history and exploits of the titular duo) that sports some of the best credit sequence 3D I have come across (up there with OZ THE GREAT AND WONDERFUL). If you have a DLP 3D short-throw projector and Active Glasses, this release is a highly recommended addition.

Overall Grade: B+. It is too bad this film was a one-off, because I would love to have returned to this narrative and these characters in subsequent films. Recommended. Get your copy by clicking on the image below.