Currently Listening to WHEN THE MAN COMES AROUND by Johnny Cash

And I heard as it were the noise of thunder.
One of the four beasts saying “come and see”
and I saw, and behold a white horse.

There’s a man going around taking names
And he decides who to free and who to blame.
Everybody won’t be treated all the same.
There will be a golden ladder reaching down

When the man comes around.
The hairs on your arm will stand up
At the terror in each sip and in each sup.
Will you partake of that last offered cup?
Or disappear into the potter’s ground

Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around Lyrics

Listen to the whole thing courtesy of Amazon Music or Spotify. What are you currently listening to?

Currently Listening to YOU DON’T MESS AROUND WITH JIM

Currently listening to YOU DON’T MESS AROUND WITH JIM, the first solo album of 20something Jim Croce, who in his brief life created songs that have become essential Americana. This first solo album was an immediate hit. Take a listen on Amazon Music or Spotify.

Definitely a must own CD. Not every song is a hit, but every one is interesting, and the ones that are hits, are astronomical hits. But the historic relevance of the album as a whole, makes it one to own.

PERSONAL JESUS – Depeche Mode vs Marilyn Manson vs Johnny Cash!

“Reach out and touch Faith!”

This is undeniably a catchy song by Depeche Mode.

With synths and Electronics it is one of the cornerstones of the 80s/90s MTV revolution. It is a classic.

Even those who are not ‘Pop’ fans, when this song comes on, find themselves listening to it all the way through.

It is that kind of catchy.

Today I listened to two covers of it that I had never heard. One by Johnny Cash and one by Marilyn Manson. They are all three distinctly different, and good in their own way, however my favorite, perhaps not surprisingly,  is Johnny Cash’s take on it.

It is a haunting ballad, croaked out by a man at the end of the world.

It has a weight to it.

Listen to all three courtesy of Spotify if you have an account.

I think you will agree with my assessment of the Cash version.





Ok, maybe a few more words. 🙂

Favorite scene?


There were lots of them, but one that brought me to applause and perhaps even tears, Captain America  bloody and bruised and broken, getting up,, walking over the beaten bodies of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, to alone face Thanos and his World Ending Army.

To alone, to the ender of worlds… say no.

Sacrifice and heroism.

Always gets me.

That scene alone is worth the price of Admission.

Streaming films of the Day : SORRY TO BOTHER YOU and BORDER!

Ali Abbasi and Boots Riley.

LaKeith Stanfield in Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Gräns (2018)

These are names you should remember.

They are Writer/Directors to seek out.

You know for the most part when we go to one of these Blockbuster films in the theater, whether AVENGERS ENDGAME or the latest MISSION IMPOSSIBLE or JAMES BOND , we know what we are going to get. If not the particulars, we know the formula, the genre, the broad beats of hero and villain and threat to resolve.

With films like SORRY TO BOTHER YOU and BORDER if you go in blind, without trailer, or forewarning, or spoilers, as I did, and as I suggest you do, you are in for what film used to be, in the early days of film. You are in for something strange, and beautiful, and horrible, and more than a little bit unsettling; you are in for something rare, something new under the sun.

You are in for a ride, that is unfathomable and twisting, and both harrowing and transformative.

These are arguably not films that do well in the theatrical setting, for the simple fact they do not cater to expectations, they live in the unfamiliar places. And can arguably leave us… thoughtful and conflicted about what we see.

And audiences these days like to leave the theater, with easy assumptions reinforced, rather than challenged.

SORRY TO BOTHER YOU and BORDER are both films that do not play to the usual. They are living room films, they are home theaters films, they are personal films, and they are films that will stay with you long after you see them.

Both films feature amazing performances. Lakeith Stanfield of SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, and coming off a show stealing performance in ATLANTA is quickly becoming one of the best young Actors working. And Eva Melander, an actress unknown to me, is nothing short of award material in BORDER.

Both are must own films on DVD/Blu-Ray. In the age of streaming, these are the type of films you do not trust to the ephemeral nature of streaming. You can try before you buy by viewing both movies courtesy of HULU. and once you do, you’ll want to add these films to your collection.

I consider them both, cinematic gems, that will only grow with subsequent viewings.

Get your copies here:

Streaming Movie of the Day : Michael Jai White’s NEVER BACK DOWN : NO SURRENDER

If you want my list of best Martial Arts films of the last 25 years you will of course find the two RAID films, some of the IP MAN films. The 2nd UNDISPUTED movie, and leading the pack the Michael Jai White vehicle BLOOD AND BONE.

NEVER BACK DOWN : NO SURRENDER is yet another Michael Jai White vehicle that impresses and entertains from first frame to last. While it is not quite in BLOOD AND BONE or RAID territory, it comes pretty darn close. All the more impressive for MJW both starring, writing, and capably directing.


A solid B+/A-.

Catch it now streaming on Sony’s CRACKLE for free.Once you do it is one to add to your DVD/ BluRay  wishlist.