Why Physical Media is Great : Audio Commentary of the Day – THE TWO FACES OF DR. JEKYLL Blu-Ray BOXSET

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I’m currently making my way thru the so far, simply excellent Powerhouse Indicator HAMMER VOL FOUR : FACES OF FEAR Limited Edition.


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THE TASTE OF FEAR is the masterpiece of this boxset, but the TWO FACES OF DR. JEKYLL is a very enjoyable classic Hammer film. A very intriguing and compelling take on the Jekyll/Hyde myth, with one of the stronger endings. Quite enjoyed it.

And the special features are great, particularly the 2019 audio commentary with film historians Josephine Botting and Jonathan Rigby is entertaining and informative. One of the better commentaries, chock full of anecdotes and information, it is a must listen, top-notch, commentary, to a very fun, compelling film. Also sports one of Christopher Lee’s better performances.


Deal of the Day!


p.s. Another word on this film, Paul Massie, the titular star of this film, tends to have his performance dismissed by critcs, even in the commentary. However, while I concede the issues with the makeup and some issues with the Hyde character in terms of script realization, I quite enjoyed his performance, particularly the scenes where he has to show the fight between his two selves, just using his voice. Paul Massie has one of the most magnificent voices, and it is in full use here. Definitely listen to the Paul Massie:Archival Interview, also on this Blu-ray release. That, as well as the HAMMER’S WOMEN :  DAWN ADDAMS overview, is recommended viewing/listening.

Bluray DVD Physical Media Label COMPLETE Overview : POWERHOUSE FILMS Indicator Boxsets

While a lot of people keep foretelling the death of physical media, since 2018 i personally have noticed an upswing in interest in physical media.

physical media seems to be getting, in the words of eric stoltz in the fly 2… “better!”. i think part of this upswing in physical media interest, has to do, strangely enough with streaming channels, namely youtube and youtube content providers, helping share knowledge and spur interest in these little known boutique bluray labels and releases.

i know personally youtube content providers, re-spurred my interest in physical media at the end of 2019, and is how i became aware of blurays to seek out and purchase.

further spurring this golden age of physical media releases, is (what we could consider) boutique labels making very  collectible and attractive physical media into something that is tactile art object as much as content, it very  much seems as the bluray medium has grown up, moving away from the hideous blue case branding of the bLU-RAYS (i have always hated the flimsy plastic blue ray cases), to now actual attractive, display worthy boxsets and individual titles.

it is as if physical media producers have finally realized, in the age of streaming, you have to emphasize the value of the physical media not just in the video and sound quality (which arguably streaming can compete with) but in the quality of the things streaming cannot compete with, packaging and associated specials features and booklets.

this installment we cover one of the best boutique bluray producers, and one i recently discovered at the end of 2019… namely powerhouse indicator label out of the uk.

The Indicator PowerHouse Blu-ray Boxsets, if you can get them on-sale, before they sell out, are actually one of the best deals in physical media. You can get these feature packed Blu-ray boxsets , that contain roughly 3 to 5 films per boxset for roughly $15 per film.

Which is just a fantastic deal, when you assess that you get the feature packed Blu-rays, with photographed filled and research packed limited edition booklets with each film, and the wonderful exclusive beautifully made slipcases for the films.

These boxsets are generally limited to 6000 editions. So in a planet of 7.8 billion people (according to the 2020 World Population clock) that is pretty darn exclusive. And even in the limited population of physical media lovers like myself, it is still a pretty exclusive and affordable collectible.

As of this writing PowerHouse Indicator has produced 15 boxsets and only 4 of them are no longer available. So as of this writing you can pick up the existing 11 boxsets for on average $15 per film, which is a STUNNING deal.

Here are the 15 Boxsets Power House Indicator has currently released as of this writing:

  • HAMMER VOL 1-5

And for my money, while all are great to have, if you can swing it; the absolute best, and must have ones, in terms of beauty of the slipcase, quality of films, etc; in my opinion are the following (you can click on the pictures below to purchase):



Now regarding boxsets that have sold out. I do think Powerhouse Indicator will in due time re-release popular sold out boxsets such as RAY HARRYHAUSEN VOL TWO and THE SINBAD TRILOGY in subsequent editions with new artwork, just because it makes no sense for them not to.

Why leave the profit to the secondary market if the demand is out there? From a business standpoint, by changing the boxset artwork, they differentiate from the 1st pressing of the boxset, insuring the uniqueness of that first pressing for their die-hard fans, yet creating subsequent pressings that are unique and attractive in their own right to people who may have missed out on the first pressing.

Lets be frank, it is the boxsets that are the selling feature of Powerhouse Indicator. The individual Blurays by themselves, I don’t find them as compelling as Criterion releases or Arrow or Eureka or ScreamFactory Steelbooks, etc, but as boxsets, currently Powerhouse Indicator is the best Boxset maker in the business.

Well guys I hope you enjoyed that coverage of Powerhouse Indicator.


Please use the links provided above (click on the pictures of the boxsets), as they help you get great items, and generate a couple needed and appreciated pennies for this blog. Enjoy!



Why the Trillion Dollar Emergency Relief/Stimulus/Bailout Bill = Stupidity, A devalued Dollar and Indentured Servitude

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – Come back tonight for completed version



One of my infamous rants coming, feel free to ignore, and come back later for more pictures of fluffy bunnies. 🙂

Ok, you have been warned.

Onto the rant.


Here’s the thing.

If any of us private citizens ran ourselves or our families the way the government is running this nation, we would be foreclosed on, out of a house, and arrested and put under the prison.

The United States is already trillions of dollars in debt ($24.3 as of Sept 2019). A sizeable portion to foreign interests, largely China and Japan. And their response to this massive debt? Is to incur more debt.

Here is the thing, slavery in the colony that would be the US, came out of a form of indentured servitude. Needing to pay off your debt. We now have lawmakers in bailout after bailout, on a US monetary system that is backed by no tangible asset but the whims of the venal and the immoral, selling present and future generations of Americans into Indentured Servitude.

It is moronic and, for you or I, illegal to just continue writing bad check after bad check, or charging expense after expense, because eventually that bill is going to come due, that promise to pay expected to be made good, and it will not fall on the lawmakers to pay that bill, it will fall on you the people, your children and your children’s children to pay a debt that the mad and the monumentally corrupt made.


Here is the thing, how the heck can you have any real foreign policy, when you are begging other nations to support you and float you and keep the proverbial roof over your head?

When you are beholden to China, or Japan, or Russia? You can not.

For all the bs nonsense the US Resident in Chief spouts, particularly against China, he and his ilk have made us the indentured servants of foreign interests. We are mortgaged to China. The word mortgage literally means ‘death promise’ or ‘death pledge’ but that ominous truth of the words origin and meaning is increasingly no where to be found in any dictionary or definition.

They use euphemisms to make you think a mortgage is a good thing to have and to seek.

When what it really is, is a promise to pay, based upon your life.

You put your life up as promise against the thing you are purchasing. You put your life up. And as long as you have a mortgage, a promise onto death to pay.

You really do not own anything, you are paying on time for something, but you do not really own it, until you pay off that pledge of your life and your death, that mortgage.

That is what your elected and selected representatives have done, and are doing, they have made the American people the slave of other nations, and special interests, mortgaging us, binding us for generations to come in life and in death, in a pledge to pay, for trillions of dollars in handouts they are dolling out to billion dollar companies. They are bleeding, we the people, dry, to keep oligarchies… rich and solvent.

I said this in the 2008 bailouts. Let the mismanaged wall street empires burn in fires of their own incompetence and greed. Will people suffer if corporations fold? Yes. But I’ll take the clean suffering now, that comes with the death of (insert saved business here) over the much magnified suffering later.

But instead these corporations that should have gone belly up due to their own incompetence, suck the blood of the poor, to continue to forestall paying for their greed and mismanagement.

Rather than going the way of all things, that fail the test of evolution, these corporations get their bought representatives, to pile all their failures on the backs of the poor. On backs that will give out, and a system that will crumble. And the people will be left to suffer, the host will be left to suffer, and the parasite… full and rich on the blood of its host, will find a new nation, a new host to migrate to, and begin sucking fresh blood.

That is what unchecked capitalism has made our corporations into, leeches. Leeches with more rights than people, and that use we the people, as their livestock.

We should have never taken trillions of dollars in aid from foreign interests to begin with. No more than our elected officials should be allowed to taken millions and billions in (let us call it what it is) bribes from corporations. Why? Because you become a slave, to whoever’s teat you are sucking on.

That is what our representatives have become, what road that twisted unchecked capitalism leads us to, a place markedly indivisible from unchecked tyranny… a nation of oligarchies.

A nation of oligarchs, their barons, and then the rest of the population, those whose fabricated income is not keeping up with the devaluation of the dollar.  A nation of master and slave.

Slave being generally anyone not making at least a million a year. Increasingly with the devaluation of dollar, thru the Treasury just being told to print more ‘green toilet paper’ whenever our nation wants to go further in debt, by 2021 you or your children need to have millions of this green toilet paper, just to stay out of the poor house, Look at San Francisco as an example of where we are heading.

Our nation’s representatives are passing the burden of the financial slavery they have sold America into, onto the backs of the working class. On your back, and your children’s back, for generations to come.

In the final days of Old Rome, they were killing the senators in the streets, the natural outcome to entrenched betrayal exposed.

And this is feeling more and more, like the last days of Rome.




Well the solutions are none easy, especially in this time. And none, for you and me, are big picture, because we don’t have control of the big picture. But for the sake of touching on it, big picture would be for the US to do four things…

1/ to actually tax and collect from these major corporations the way they collect from we the people.

2/ In addition stop making these bailout and stimulus packages gifts to banks and corporations, do what these corporations do, and make these handouts received since 2008… loans that these corporations have to pay back with interest the American people.

3/ Outlaw corporations bribing and buying elected officials. The same way we make it illegal for college athletes to be bribed or accept gifts/bribes we need to do the same with our elected and selected representatives.

4/ Pay off foreign interests. It is not going to be easy and it is not going to be pleasant, but as any American who has had a high interest credit card can tell you, it is necessary. And if that means America has to sacrifice in order to pay off foreign interest, and sell somethings,and divest of somethings, that is what you have to do. Because the first goal of a free man, or a free nation, must be to acquire their freedom. And this economic bondage our leaders have sold us into, is the opposite of freedom.


So that’s big picture. And the fact that none of the candidates are addressing ANY OF THOSE, only shows how bought and coerced our representation and our process of government has become, in a ruled by corporations nation.

So no one up for office of the US President, while they are not worse than who is sitting in the office now, none of them by their conversations will be notably better. They are a wooden figure head on a ship, something to look at, but has nothing to do with the actual course or direction or conditions of the ship.

No. True change will have to come from the cells of this nation, from you the people, on a personal individual level.

So here is small picture… and none of this is easy. But all of it , is things you can work toward, you can… affect.


1/ Your debt burden, is increasing faster than your income, due to the rise in the cost of living due to the devaluation in the dollar, inherent in the treasury department just being told to print more green toilet paper. And while businesses are asking for more green toilet paper, due to it being devalued, somehow your wages are not going up at all in proportion to the rise in cost of living. So the corporations are keeping up with how they devalue the dollar, million dollar companies, becoming billion dollar companies, becoming trillion dollar companies; however you Mr. Joe Smoe, while the cost of living has skyrocketed in the last 40 years, your income has not kept up. Hence the widening gap between rich and poor, and the eradication of any real middle class.

After adjusting for inflation, however, today’s average hourly wage has just about the same purchasing power it did in 1978, following a long slide in the 1980s and early 1990s and bumpy, inconsistent growth since then. In fact, in real terms average hourly earnings peaked more than 45 years ago: The $4.03-an-hour rate recorded in January 1973 had the same purchasing power that $23.68 would today.



1b. So given this, the money you bring in, is not going to keep up with the money going out. You therefore have to cut off where you are bleeding money, as quickly as possible. This means paying off high interest credit cards , etc, as soon as possible. Get with consumer credit repair agencies to help you negotiate low interest, hardship payoff plans with your creditors. Use BBB to help you find a reputable (ideally nonprofit) consumer credit repair agency. I’ve used one before many years ago, they helped me get out of a lot of debt.

2. While a mortgage is a death promise, and is not a great thing to have sitting over your head, it does have positives, if used correctly. If you do not have money to buy a house outright, there is a benefit to locking yourself into a fixed 30 year mortgage at rate you can afford. While rent historically can go up at the whims of whomever you are renting from, a fixed mortgage allows you some stability and locks you in for a rate, which is a nice semi-hedge against inflation. Now of course property tax is still going up, and utilities, etc, but if you can negotiate a favorable low income mortgage that you can keep up with the payments even in bad times, especially of a fee simple property where you own the house and the land, it can be an asset in bad times. And a potential source of income, return on your money. Which is more than you are going to get, if you are just paying rent for 30 years. So by all means pay  cash for a house if you can, but in the interim an affordable, well negotiated mortgage of a property you think will not lose value, is a good thing to have in perilous times.


3. Have wealth, assets  in a variety of forms. You heard me calling the US Dollar, green toilet paper, so it is not quite to those depths yet, however with this constant printing of more paper anytime our corporate masters need to be bailed out, it is getting there. It’s only a few things people really need. You need shelter, food, water, and basic essentials like clothing and furniture and tools. Whether or not the grocery shelves are full or empty, you need to eat, and drink.

As the current pandemic situation, the world is experiencing at the time of this writing, shows… everyone, every household should have 3 months of food and water; in their kitchen/pantry in the event of emergency.

More, you can’t rely on trucks to stock grocery stores. Learn to barter and network with local farms and businesses, so you have secondary barter system already in place, for the time when the dollar continues to be ill used by our representatives.

In addition to bartering locally for goods and services, also have candles, have silver, have gold, have bags of beans, and rice, have cans of fish, have ammo, have tools, have liquor, have chocolate, have gum, have a skill. Have a certain amount of money in a different currency.

The Norwegian Krone has a history of stability. I personally, even given Japan and China’s problems, the fact they hold a sizeable portion of American debt, holding a $1000 or two in the yen, seems a prudent bet to me. As well as a $1000 in the unfortunately named Canadian Loonie. They being the closest neighbor to the US, having their income on hand should the US nosedive, seems prudent. And of course the aforementioned silver.


4. Start a little personal farm. Use your backyard, front yard, kitchen counter. Start growing a little of something. Even if it is just herbs such as basil or oregano or mint,  you are saving money over buying from the store, and creating something to trade with. Get good at it and start raising lettuce, kale, potatoes, carrots.


5. Start a small business. Increasingly and wrongly, businesses in the US have more rights than people. Being a business, especially if you have something that is needed by people, puts you a line to at least use a corrupt system to hopefully some good.


While I’m sure there is a 6th idea, floating around out there, however I think that is enough for now. Thais is way longer than I wanted it to be. Just had to type some things thru.


Hope you found some of that useful. If you did leave a like, comment, and support my deal of the day. And till next time be well!




It is still under construction, I’ll have the finished version up tonight.

Streaming VOD TV Guide for Today 25 Mar 2020 : ROKU Channel Edition

For those of you like myself who never have indulged in the HBO series WESTWORLD, now on its 3rd season. The Roku Channel now has the complete ten episode season # 1 streaming for free.

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Six episodes in, after a slow, hesitant start with the first episode, and i’m absolutely enamored with it. Be on the lookout for a quick nod/peek at Yul Brynner’s Unkillable Cowboy from the original WESTWORLD in the background/shadows of Episode 6. Strongly recommended.

“Your mind is a walled gardern, not even death can touch the flowers blooming there.”