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SHALLOW CREEK CULT – Is a zero budget film with obvious limitations of costuming and sets, but get past the first 15 minutes, and you quickly get caught up in the world that these two brothers stumble into. Their naturalistic performances and banter elevate this beyond its limitations, to be quite a bit more compelling and captivating than bigger budget, more high profile projects, filled with annoying, unlikeable kids.

Now this is not a great film, but it is surprisingly an enjoyable film, and a compelling one, which says a lot because I almost didn’t make it past the slow and weak opening.

Writer, director, and producer King Jeff shows a deft hand in wringing some moments of real tension out of a movie made with bad masks and obvious props. I quite enjoyed this adventure of the Carmichael Brothers, and hope we can look forward to more installments, with them taking on other monsters and urban legends.

Grade: Worth a Watch! Currently available to view for free if you have AMAZON PRIME.

PODCAST OF THE DAY : MUSICAL NOTATION! & 7 Favorite Movie Soundtracks!!!


West Armstrong’s podcast covers Soundtrack music also called scores, it’s that rousing music that makes our favorite films or tv shows, not just more memorable, but arguably a better film.


And speaking of scores, the first time I remember really noticing the score to a film, was in the theater with my family watching the first Christopher Reeves’ SUPERMAN movie. I was very young at the time, but still remember that scene in the cornfield, as both the camera and the music panned up, up, and away.

It left a lasting impression, but it would be many, many years before I translated an apreciation for good movie music to a desire to follow composers and buy CDs and LPs of scores.

Itunes and MP3s are good for sampling music, but for really getting that music in as close to the quality as the composer wanted then you have to own the well mastered CD or LP.

These then are 7 CDs and LPs that not only are ground breaking, game changing masterpeices, but they are important and historical works of art that demand to be owned in the highest quality availablke.

So without futher ado here are my ten favorite movie scores:


IN COLD BLOOD by Quincy Jones – Quincy before becoming a superstar R&B performer and producer, was one of the most experimental and avant garde and exciting composers of film music, and his IN COLD BLOOD remains not just his finest score, but one of the greatest scores of all time.

THE UNTOUCHABLES by Ennio Morricone – Just about anything Morricone has done is worthy of praise and patronage (I just bought his academy award winning score for Tarrantino’s HATEFUL EIGHT) but seldom has a film and a score ever been as right asnd iconic and memorable as his work on THE UNTOUCHABLES.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY – another Morricone masterpiece!

SUPERMAN – John Williams’ opus set me on the road to being the film score connoisseur I am today.:)

STAR WARS – Is there any more iconic music than John Williams scores for the original three films

PLANET OF THE APES – Jerry Goldsmith is like many names on this list, considered a national treasure. In his case for numerous films from WRATH OF KAHN to CIVIL WAR, however I think his completely insane score for Planet of the Apes remains one of the most brilliant and audacious scores ever made, and his finest hour.

I’ll put up links tonight so you can order direct from those links! Every order helps this blog earn a couple pennies to keep the lights on.:)


Car News of the Day : FISKER KARMA Bankruptcy Mismanagement and Rebirth



One of the black eyes for the Obama administration was the massive expenditure of taxpayer’s money that was paid out to save a bunch of mismanaged wall street companies that should have been allowed to go under for their, in many cases, excess and greed and incompetence.

One of these notorious companies that received hundreds of millions in taxpaper funding, was Fisker Automotive. This was the company that was hawking the 2011 Fisker Karma, a $100000 eco-friendly car that was going to be TESLA on steroids, but with a Green-Peace spin. Leather that was supposedly sourced from Happy Cows, cows that were kept as pets and died naturally as opposed to being raised and slaughtered for their skin. Yeah I know, ludicrous, but that was the pitch they were spinning back in 2011.


And the car inside and out, did look drop dead gorgeous. But the company never got past selling an image to actually producing the car.  The company consistently was somehow unable to translate not only the promised half billion dollars in tax payer money, but the millions more in pre-orders sparked by interest in the Karma, into a successful production run.

So end of the day you were left with a few people who did receive the car and were not entirely satisfied because the car would stop running or catch on fire:) , many more people who did not receive the car at all, and were very unhappy, and Fisker Automotive that declared bankruptcy in 2012, a year after touting the future of electric and eco friendly cars, walking away without paying back hundreds of millions of Tax Payer Dollars.

Well that company is back in 2016, now renamed Karma Automotive, and backed by a Chinese firm. and touting a new car to be announced this July or August. Fisker Karma looks like a dream of a car, but the reality was a little bit more nightmare the last time.  And when someone has burnt the taxpayers once for hundreds of millions of dollars, I’m far less likely to want to give them another chance. No matter how they rename the company.

So I’ll leave you some images of the dream that was Fisker Karma (now Karma Automotive), a dream that TESLA seems the closest to living up to.

The 2015 concept for the THUNDERBOLT looked stellar in images, but ultimately like other touted Fisker projects ended up coming to naught. And this one very nearly had car company Aston Martin go all James Bond on them, but with a law suit rather than a PPK.

This one is a concept car called the Ford Mustang ROCKET  that Fisker did for a 2014 autoshow. Fisker is definitely very talented at customization, in building or rebranding existing cars into souped up spectacles. Where their fault may have lied was in thinking this made them an automotive manufacturer. The latter is a designation that continues to elude them.


For more on Fisker Automotive and Karma Automotive, read the following:

Taxpayers lose $139 million on Fisker Automotive loan


WordPress/Browser/Tech Tip of the Day!

Whatever Browser you use you should…

1/change the default search engine to one of your preferred choices such as DUCKDUCKGO or IXQUICK.

2/ Check ‘Block Pop up Windows’

3/ Only enable Javascript when needed, with a site that you want to interact with, give those permissions to. For regular browsing, disable Javascript.

4/Turn on ‘Tracking Protection’ and ‘Do Not Track header’ for most browsing

5/ If using WordPress or Another site, and you find you can not get a function to work, and it is a site you trust and want to interact with, then turn Javascript on. If all functions stll do not work, a rare occurence, you may need to diable tracking blocking.

But again only do this on sites you have a relationship with, and want to give this ability to.

The above (#5) is how I resolved an issue with images not posting to WordPress

Hope this Helps somone who has been having a similar issue!