Best Western COMIC BOOK Covers! LONE RANGER! Gold Key Series!



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The first 20 issues of the 1964 GOLD KEY Lone Ranger series reprints select issues of the early, largely unavailable, long running Dell series (1948-1962). Including the magnificent covers. The last eight issues of the GOLD KEY series sports new stories and art, but unfortunately lack the great Dell covers. Still well worth the hunting down.


Podcast Roundup! PODCASTS OF THE DAY!



Episode 283: The June Previews Catalog


GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate – Episode 298


Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate – Episode 298

Monts and Nuge are back in the geek house and they are bringing as much sass and fun as they can carry.

Before we get to the fun Monts has a message about trolling. It is not for the faint of heart or well..internet trolls I guess.

One the comics front there are reviews of Athena Voltaire and the Sorcerer Pope and Black Panther and the Crew.

Monts sings the praises of Netflix as the lads check out some international genre shows such El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Department of Time),Dark,Orbita 9 and mystery thriller The Chalet. They also get a little giddy over the new Sky one action show Bulletproof.

The lads round off with non spoiler review of Solo: A Star Wars Story.




DC Special Series (1981 Treasury) #27 features the battle you never thought you’d see, Batman vs. the Incredible Hulk. “The Monster and the Madman!” Story by Len Wein. Art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and Dick Giordano. The maniacal trickster the Joker has just convinced the Jade Giant that Batman is his enemy. It will take all the Dark Knight’s skills and courage to survive his 1st encounter with the Earth’s mightiest mortal. Plus, how does the mysterious and cosmically powered Shaper of Worlds fit into all this? Also included is a feature that shows the evolution of the cover for this special. And: The origins of Batman and the Hulk are presented on the inside front cover, with art by George Pérez and Dick Giordano.


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This Week’s Favorite YouTube Channel : RANDY AND TAYLA 2 LIT

“I feel young… like when the world was new.”

STAR TREK II : THE WRATH OF KAHN – while credited to various cooks, what is best in the script to the best STAR TREK film, is vintage Nicholas Meyer. He brought a sense of literary grandness, along with the romance of heroism to WRATH OF KAHN that almost 40 years later still marks it as not just the best Star Trek films, but one of the best films, full stop.

And that wonderfully bittersweet and romantic line, I find myself recalling when I try to determine what attracts me to my latest Youtube discovery; the RANDY & TAYLA 2 LIT channel.,32b75a57cd48a5a8-nd-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no


While a beautiful female form is perhaps the impetus to try this channel  for the first time, why you keep coming back is just the refreshingness of their relationship. A relationship that has endured longer than most marriages, and two young people who just love life, and love each other.

And in a world we tend to make so complex, and so cynical, and so venal, it is just very refreshing to see people so completely captivated to be in each others company, and to be alive.  In the moment.

For those of us who have felt what they feel, have known the beginning of love and the ending of it, it is nice to see it in such a pure state. Joy. to see Joy, so unencumbered by the baggage that time and life can bring.

While I come from an older age, less comfortable with this ‘share everything form of social media’, largely because I see so much negative with that approach. It is refreshing to see that approach used in a very positive and giving way.

Watching their channel makes me want to appreciate and enjoy life more, and to not be fed the stressed, half empty version of life, that too often passes for our interactions with other people.

I do feel their accelerating prank war, may be a recipe for disaster, however they are a young couple who have stayed together doing it their way, and so in that… they should trust.

It’s a fun channel, with two affable, likable and engaging people, a couple you enjoy just seeing them being in love. If only to put in perspective how openly you should also love.

While the truth this impermanent world sells us, that nothing lasts forever… is a truth.

Here’s the truth that matters, we can make it last… today. With a little work, and love, and laughter.

We can make it last today.

Life isn’t about the finish line, isn’t about the end of the race, it’s about the breaths we take while we run, and who we enjoy running with.

You string enough of those days and those breaths together, and the finish line will take care of itself.

A fun channel, that I wish only the best for.


I think the video to start with would be this one:





Currently Watching : The enigmatic INVITATION TO A GUNFIGHTER (1964) starrring the late, great Yul Brynner



Written, directed, and produced by Richard Wilson INVITATION TO A GUNFIGHTER is in many ways as smart and audacious and daring a film in 2018 as it was in 1964.

That is the definition of a classic.

The third and last and arguably best of Wilson’s thematic ‘COMING STORM’ Trilogy that began with his debut film THE TROUBLESHOOTER (1955) and continued with the stranded island film RAW WIND IN EDEN (1958), INVITATION TO A GUNFIGHTER takes the themes of secrets and simmering tensions and hypocrisies boiling under the placid surface, revealed by the unexpected introduction of a stranger, and adds the backdrop of the civil war, and the question of slavery, regional disputes, ethnic and cultural disputes, and gender and class clashes to the mix, to create a film that plays more as Shakespearean Tragedy than simple western.

Stage Coach Driver to Gunfighter: ‘You think you’ve found a life, huh? It won’t last.”

Yul Brynner arguably never gave a bad performance,and here he is in especially fine form as the complex  Gunfighter Jules Gaspard (small j, the s is silent, the d is silent). Janice Rule as Ruth Adams, George Segal as Matt Weaver, and Pat Hingle as Sam Brewster round out the major storm fronts around which our story revolves.

It is a film refreshingly without easy heroes or villains, with most of the characters, like most of us if we are honest, caught somewhere in between.

It is a film you can see for free, as of this writing, if you have streaming and the Roku Channel. However, once seen, it is a film deserving of owning as physical media, DVD/Blu-Ray. It is a film that should not have to depend on active Internet connection, or streaming licensing deals for you to view.

Watch it for free on streaming than get your copy, here:

Streaming VOD TV Guide : Week Ending 16 June 2018!

Streaming VOD Winners and Losers Week Ending 16 June 2018



I fired Netflix when it decided in the wake of losing Disney’s busness to increase its prices, so months later and they remain… fired.


In the wake of NETFLIX losing my business HULU and  AMAZON PRIME and YOUTUBE have stepped up a s the streaming channels I watch the most.

HULU has AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR, TAKEN tv series, and many seasons of good collectible and food shows such as AMERICAN PICKERS and MASTER CHEF. HULU is also sporting quite a few DC Animated movies, such as the excellent JUSTICE LEAGUE GODS AND MONSTERS.

To be continued….