Movie Trailer Winners and Losers ! First 2 months of 2017!


VENGEANCE A LOVE STORY – Solid cast, compelling trailer

GIRLS TRIP – in spite of myself it looked funny.

THREE- latest from Johnny To

HEADSHOT (2016)- The latest from the Mo Brothers of MACABRE and KILLERS fame

LOGAN – Looks like it could be the best of the trilogy.

TABLE  19- Not my type of movie, not really the romantic comedy audience, but a surprisingly good trailer. Definitely one I catch when it makes it to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

THE DISCOVERY – Intriguing trailer for a Netflix film

ROCK AND A HARD PLACE – Wonderful documentary trailer addressing headon a major issue in our nation and world. One I’m going to watch and am interested in donating to.

FRANTZ – An exquisite trailer. This is on my list to see.

THE VOID- an early contender for one of the best trailers of the year. Any film that boasts comparisons to THETHING meets EXORCIST is a film I want to see.  Will the film live up to it, maybe not, but the traileris 5 stars.

THE CRUCIFIXION -I initially wanted to write this off, but I quite liked the trailer

MINE- Trailer sold me on checking out this film, that I had no interest in.

COLOSSAL – Another trailer that sold me on an unknown film

GHOST IN THE SHELL Trailer 2 – Looks great.

SLEIGHT – Trailer sells me on seeing this film though the trailer may give away too much of the film



HERE ALONE – It’s a well done trailer. But not well enough to get over my complete disinterest and dislike in all things Zombie related.


LOVE WITCH- Campy and overlong for a trailer

THE ASSIGNMENT/TOMBOY – One sign a movie is in trouble is the inability to choose one title. Different premise, but lukewarm trailer. Not interested.

DIG TWO GRAVES – forgettable. Not interested.

DEVIL IN THE DARK – by the numbers

ATOMICA – tedious and forgettable

KING ARTHUR – I’m not really feeling the trailer. There is a lack of  gravity to the actor and the tone, which compares ill with masterful takes on the myth such as John Boorman’s seminal EXCALIBUR.

MEAN DREAMS – good trailer, but not good enough to make me want to see the film


THE BAD BATCH – I didn’t really care for this trailer at all. However as the followup film to A GIRL WALKS HOME AT NIGHT  which is one of the best films of the last decade, I’m going to go watch it regardless. But the trailer does not fill me with confidence.

ISOLATION – by the numbers, been there done that vibe

THE TICKET- Not interested

UNLOCKED- Okay trailer, but not sold on the film yet



Roku Fire TV FREE VOD/STREAMING Channel of the Weekend : TUBI TV

TUBI TV is not a particularly easy to browse website, however their free streaming channel has one of the largest selections of movies outside of paid options such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and even includes quite a few movies that are available on neither platform.

Here are some titles from TUBI TV that are available this weekend:

FINAL PRAYER- An okay found footage horror film. Third act goes off the rails a bit, but worth a look.

the-apartment-1960THE APARTMENT- One of my favorite Gene Wilder films, an endearing drama/romance starring two of the greats. Jack Lemmon has never been better and the late, great Shirley Maclaine has never been more radiant. A lovely movie. See it for free here then buy the blu-ray. This one deserves to be owned, complete with special features.


HENRY THE  V- Kenneth Branagh’s first film, and for my money still his best and most endearing. The quintessential adaption of this most rousing of Shakespeare’s plays.

greatexpectations46GREAT EXPECTATIONS- A 1947 David Lean masterpiece. Groundbreaking camera  work and lighting.

burrowersTHE BURROWERS – There are two great western-horror hybrids, BONE TOMOHAWK is one, and this is the other.

lifeforceLIFEFORCE- I remember seeing this movie as a kid, blew my mind back then. And as an adult there is much still to appreciate, especially a memorable gravity defying actress. 🙂 Well worth a look.

Haven’t seen the following but intrigued enough to give them a watch this weekend:







HOWLING (2012)







Respond with your own TUBI TV favorites!


MUST LISTEN Audio Books for BLACK HISTORY Month and every other month! :) Part 2 of 2

The 2nd must listen audio book for Black History Month or any month is the mind breaking MUMBO JUMBO by the great Ishmael Reed.

Ishmael Reed, who was honored with the MacArthur “genius” award, is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and two-time nominee for the National Book Award. Mumbo Jumbo, a literary masterpiece, is an ironic and unconventional detectivestory infused with African-American cultural heritage. A strange psychic epidemic called “Jes Grew” is spreading through the country, affecting millions. PaPa LaBas, a HooDoo detective, is trying to find the origins of the JesGrew – not because he wants to cure it, but because he’s ready for a new kind of society.


Composed of the memorable personalities and the little remembered tragedies and triumphs of the roaring 20s, MUMBO JUMBO weaves these truths into an overarching fictional narrative that goes from the beginning of civilization to the fall of man.

But the fiction is so peppered with essential truths, like the best of all fiction, that it will change fundamentally how you look at everything, from museums to curse words to bull fights. If MIDDLE PASSAGE is my favorite audio book, MUMBO JUMBO  I think , in opposition to its name, is the most enlightening and powerful audio book I’ve ever listened to, for the  way it opened up my mind to… broader definitions of history and broader definitions of ourselves. Magnificent.


Author: Ishmael Reed
Narrator: J. D. Jackson
Genres: Fiction & Literature
Publisher: Recorded Books
Published In: July 2005
# of Units: 8 CDs
Length: 8 hours, 30 minutes

Get your copy here:


Mumbo Jumbo

MUST LISTEN Audio Books for BLACK HISTORY Month and every other month! :) Part 1 of 2

I first became familiar with these two novels, both by master writers, as novels proper. And both blew my mind in ways both stunning and lasting. Later I listened to the Audio Books. Audio Books, if you get the right reader, for the right work, can be rewarding experiences, even to lovers of the novel.

I love me some Walter Moseley EASY RAWLINS mysteries, I’ve read just about everyone of them, and I have to tell you the pairing of Moseley’s iconic words with a formidable actor such as Michael Boatman, is to have those works enriched, and nuances discovered that may have been skimmed over by even the most loving reader.

A great Adaptation, a great marriage of words and performance can do that, can alchemize into something more than the sum of its parts. Something magical. And an audio book avoids the constraints of time and budget and indeed visuals, that a film or TV show runs into. An audio book has the biggest theater of the world, and the biggest budget, in which to breathe life into the writers words,… the theater of the mind.

So Audio Books when they get that mixture right, become part of a sacred line of story and storytelling, going back to the cradle of not just Black History, but all history.


This 2 part post, honors two of the best, that should be loved and listened to and cherished by everyone.

They are:

Charles Johnson’s seminal and National Book Award winning novel, MIDDLE PASSAGE. It is an American epic, a rousing seafaring saga, blisteringly funny at times, deeply harrowing at others, both poetic, prosaic, and magical all at the same time. As someone who has read Melville, and Dickens, and Hemingway, and Crane and Poe and Bradbury and King and Baldwin, all the quintessential American masters, this is the novel I would save when everything else is burning.




I give the hardcover out as presents. I consider it, in an imperfect world, an arrow toward a more perfect union. So having it on a pedestal that high the audio book has to bring it. It was made into an audio book twice, the first was an abridged and hence flawed cassette version, but read by the author himself, I quite liked it. He brought something… wonderful to it.

The 2nd time was on CD, unabridged thankfully. The performer Dion Graham, gives a different performance than Charles Johnson, that I slowly warmed to. And as the story drew you deeper so did his voice. It’s a wonderful way to be introduced to this great novel.

I would say both audio book versions are indispensable. Start with the unabridged CD version, and then follow up by listening to the Abridged version. And have a copy of the paperback or hardcover, to read over especially loved passages.

In an America where folly holds sway, the words of men who both remember history and learn from it, is of the highest value.

Check them out at the links below:

Middle Passage Cassette Audio Book read by the Author!

Middle Passage Audio CD Unabridged!

By Charles Richard Johnson Middle Passage (Reprint) [Mass Market Paperback]


If you like this blog please support it by using the links above and by leaving comments! And come back for the 2nd part where we discuss the 2nd, must own, Black History Month (and other months) Audio book!

Victor LaValle joins a cherished few authors that I consider essential authors! The best of the best!

I love Victor LaValle, he’s up there for me with Percival Everett, and Dennis LeHane, and Colin Whitehead, and Walter Moseley and Mat Johnson as writers of deep perception, who use the exciting, and sweeping trappings of genre to write works that transcend genre, and tell us something pivotal about who we were, and who, if we stay the course, we may be.

Today’s Song of the Day is from the San Francisco band HP Lovecraft!

I like to listen to recorded music with my headphones on to get that rich stereophonic effect. Great music, impressively mixed, does it for me.

Today, doing a hunt for other things, I stumbled across a previously unknown band, from the heyday of the age of Aquarius. A band named HP Lovecraft, and specifically their song AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS. And while the band shares the moniker of a writer that I find both talented and overlauded, the band thankfully doesn”t share his societal views.

It manages to use the best of Lovecraft’s imagery as a jumping off point for their impressive ballads.

The following link has more on the band, including sound samples.


For my money the 2nd album is the more innovative, and therefore the better. Worth having for AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS alone. Listen to samples and if you decide you like what you hear, use the links below to purchase. But the Cds are almost sold out, so good luck.


Two Classic Albums from HP Lovecraft: H.P. Lovecraft/ H.P. Lovecraft II

H.P. Lovecraft II