Let me tell you, the economy is too damn bad to be paying $3 for a comic. And it’s definitely too bad to be paying $4 for a comic. So first and foremost a standing ovation to comic writer Warren Ellis for in this day of $3 and $4 comics going out of his way to put out a $2 comic. I’m talking about Warren Ellis’ FELL published by IMAGE COMICS. Not only is it a cheap comic, which doesn’t help much if the book is no good, but FELL is a great comic book. Absolutely one of the top five things currently being published, and the kind of book you can hand to people who don’t know comics… and they’ll get it. Comes out sporadically over the two plus years of its existence, but it’s the kind of book that definitely is worth the wait. And leads off my list of the comics I’m currently buying and recommend.

So the titles are:

FELL by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith
CRIMINAL by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
ZERO KILLER by Avrid Nelson


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