September Reviews!

I gotta tell you, some days… life is good. This day qualifies.

Just as the wrong woman can push you off the world… the right one… can help… steady it. :).

Steady is good.

Now onto some comic book talk, you slack jawed apes! 🙂

Just got a passel of books in, and without further ado, here’s what I thunk of em…

NIGHTWOLF #0 by Stephen L. Antczak (writer) and Nick Marinkovich (artist) was some FCBD special from last year that my MCS (Mailorder Comic Shop) for some inexplicable reason held onto till now. But I have to tell you, it came as a pleasant surprise. A nice new take on the Werewolf genre, with engrossing mystery themed writing by Antczak and wonderful, evocative art (slightly 80’s Sienkiewicz meets 80’s Totleben, yet very much its own animal). A scant 16 pages, but really dug it. Enough to go hunting for any other issues/books by this creative team. B.

SCATTERBRAIN- My MCS has chosen to send me and charge me for another old book, this one from 2006!! A book that I really don’t think I ever ordered. SCATTERBRAIN #2. Confusing art and story. D-.

WALKING DEAD #30- Yet another book from 2006. No more soup for this MCS.

TALES TO DEMOLISH #1 by Eric Haven- Finally we get to a current book. The description on this book was pretty grandiose, and I have to say the interior doesn’t quite live up to the hype. That said, it’s an entertaining little book, seeming a little dreamy, about a glaciologist. Intriguing little book, though I think the $3 pricepoint is a bit much for what you get. I would say $1 or $2 would be better. But that said, entertaining. C+.

LOBSTER GIRL One Shot by Dakuwaka Publishing. A riveting cover and a mind boggling description, piqued my curiosity enough to pre-order this. I’m really glad I did. Written and created by J. Morvay, with art by A. Isosommpi and S. Bergen,the interior art does not live up to the cover art. That said it is wholly and utterly unique and right… for the extremely unique story it tells. LOBSTER GIRL is one of the more disturbing reads you’ll stumble across, part fable, part allegory, part madness, and part world view, it’s a harrowing and consuming read unlike anything else.

As disturbing as the book is, the backstory on the writer and the genesis of this story (viewable here) whether true or contrived; is equally disturbed. 🙂 .

The read of the month. Disturbing and Recommended! A-.

More reviews to come….

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