On being Productive, AAAIIIEEE!!!, and Rick Veitch’s MAXIMORTAL

I’ve been really pretty darn productive going into this new year. Which is really very unusual for me.

I’m usually a very reliable procrastinator. But despite myself, I’ve been oddly effective at following through with things and getting things done, in the last week or two.

Hmmm…. don’t quite know how I feel about that yet. I’m the last of the really effective, and fun procrastinators… a slacker if you will, or hippie if you prefer…

I despair for a world where I give up slacking. Hmmmm…. troubling times, troubling times.

Well enough of me mourning for my slacking, time to be about the ABCs. “Always Be Closing!” Yeah I like Mamet movies too. Seemingly no end to my failings.

Blog moved… check.
ComicSpace page…. check
Domain Registration…. check.
Refinance… check.
Remodeling House…. check.
Sneakily killing former enemies…. check.
Page of art a day… check.
Repair Business…. check.
Working Out regularly…. check.
Prostitutes…. priceless.


God where was I…. yeah, so being very effective in this new year. I promised a local artist, I’d give her the script to a kids book we’re going to work on. Going to shoot for 32 to 48 pages, and get a good chunk of it storyboarded tonight.

Considering I have to be at work relatively early, I’m going to quickly update this blog, update my Comicspace page, post a bunch of auctions, post some ads for local web designers and artists, make a note to renew my prepaid legal membership, send off some resumes, and… work on the kids book… and make time to read a couple books.

I’m starting to feel being productive is way overrated.

Book of the Day: AAAIIIEEE!!! – A collection of horror stories by sometimes publisher Jeffrey Thomas,
I couldn’t find too much on this book prior to purchasing it. A couple Amazon reviews that were repeated endlessly throughout the web, but no real 3rd party reviews. But being suitably a collecting fool when it comes to certain books, I took a chance that this book was more than just a vanity project, and had some real merit. Two stories in and I’m suitably convinced… Jeffrey Thomas, knows his way around horror. I’ll give a full review when done, but so far… it’s pretty darn good.

Movie of the Day: BAKENEKO: A VENGEFUL SPIRIT- An odd mixing of samurai film and ghost story, an inexplicably popular genre in Japan in the 1960s, this flick is one of the best examples of the genre I’ve seen. With really top notch sword play, an engaging storyline, and some effective horror/visuals. Suitably atmospheric and sinister. And never has a man putting his hands on a woman’s sleeve ever cost more. 🙂 . You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. Recommended.

Comic of the Day: Didn’t read any today. Yes I know… sacrilege, but from my back issue bin I’ll recommend Rick Veitch’s MAXIMORTAL.

To my mind Rick Veitch has never been given the credit he deserves. People talk about Miller’s this or Moore’s that, and those accolades are deserved, but let’s not look over Veitch’s sizeable and scintillating body of work from SWAMP THING to RAREBIT FIENDS to BRAT PACK to what I consider not only his best work, but one of comics best works… THE MAXIMORTAL.

Veitch self published this title a decade ago, and a better dissection and examination, both satire and very serious ode to the comics medium… you will not find. I stack it up there with Moore’s WATCHMEN and FROM HELL, and Mckean’s CAGES. It is that great of a book, with wonderful literary odes and allusions done years before Moore’s LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. Veitch’s finest hour, a book that deserves to be sought out and read often. It is one of my personal favorites, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Well boy, I spent way more time on that then I wanted to . Gotta run. Please enjoy and I’ll see you next update.


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