Movie of the Day : David Twohy’s BELOW!!


‘Oh what a tale I have to tell
of those who went to heaven
and those who went to hell’

I love when the beginning of a movie makes me go “who the hell directed this??!” in a good way. The first few seamless shots in this film are incredibly impressive, some really lovely camera movements and use of closeups. A showcase for fantastic camerawork and lighting

Forget HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, this is one of the most impressive and tense submarine movies. I’ve seen my share of submarine movies and I’ve never seen one as visually impressive or stylistically intriguing. And it stars Bruce Greenwood who always gives an excellent performance.

The whole cast is uniformly strong in this unusual and slightly preternatural thriller set upon a submarine during a time of war. Directed brilliantly by David Twohy and written by Twohy as well as, the also acclaimed, Darren Aronofsky. Try it on Netflix for free, and when ready to own it get the 2003 DVD with the sought after audio commentary at the link below. Final grade: Highly Recommended!

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Aronofsky’s BLACK SWAN DVD Review

I don’t think anyone can accuse me of not being an artsy, sensitive guy. But even I have to call bs on Aronofsy’s BLACK SWAN. Having finally seen it, talk about much ado about nothing.

It’s one of those movies, finally seen, that I’m very happy I didn’t pay theater prices for.

I mean it’s not a bad film, it is just not a particularly strong one. It is what it is, an opera film meets REPULSION with allusions to PSYCHO, and some gratuitous sex tossed in to make you think this belongs on the big screen rather than the lifetime or scifi channel.

Ehh… I’m being perhaps a bit harsh, but I do feel it’s a bit of a twilight zone episode, padded to feature length. It’s a very sleight movie, that once it completes… is almost immediately forgettable.

Grade: C-. If thrillers that utilize unreliable narrators is your thing, then give it a rental. Otherwise… try something else.