Movie Review of the Day : DACHRA (2018)

There are moments of real directorial flourish here, I was quite with this movie for the first half an hour or so. I was all prepared to anoint this the next remarkable debut. Unfortunately the story quickly shows itself to be a very typical and tired rehash of the “annoying young people go into the woods looking for trouble and finding it” genre.

The supposed twists you see coming 30 minutes into the movie, which makes the film and the performances, especially the screeching, nails on chalkboard and not in a horrific way— just in an annoying way,  performance of the lead, just overlong and overwrought to the point of self parody.

Incredibly disappointing film, which is a shame because as mentioned, there are some moments of wonderful camera work here, and oddly enough it is the mundane moments of the characters driving or walking that the cinematographer lends a sense of innovative beauty and interest to.

Unfortunately the uninteresting story and annoying performances, the Director did not know how to pull them away from self parody, outweigh the brief moments of sedate but striking camera work.

Grade: I can’t even recommend watching this one. Time is too precious for you to waste 2 hours like I did, on a film that proves undeserving of the time. D-

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