Streaming TV Guide: Favorite Youtube Channels & Discoveries of September 2022 – Letters A thru D.


Prolific and talented filmmaker.





Nice selection of books to pick up. I can cosign some of them. THE BOOKS OF BLOOD by Clive Barker are a must as is IT by Stephen King.


One of the best voices, and some of the best stories on Collecting and Nostalgia on Youtube.


Great Channel, filled with great music, it would behoove you to pick up the CDs for.



This is the premier channel for all Blu-Ray/UHD Boutique Label news. The specific video highlighted above is their interview with the new 2 Man Label DEAF CROCODILE, that has quickly with only 5 releases under their belt (a sixth is on the way) become my most anticipated and sought after label of 2022. Everything they have put out so-far has been a must own for me. 


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Ebay Store!


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