Purchase of the Day : LUKE CAGE Season 2 !!!!!!!!

If you have followed this blog for any time, you know I think streaming is a great way to discover and find things you like or love. But once you have found that item you love, the only way to be guaranteed (GUARANTEED I say!) that you are able to revisit that item, in the format and quality you remember (if at all), is via physical media; is by owning that show or movie on DVD or Blu-ray or UHD.

Streaming shows and movies come and go, licenses are lost, films are vaulted, properties are edited or shelved at the knee-jerk reactions to the spurious whims of the mob of social media.

So the only way to insure your access to a show you love, in a consistent quality (not reedited, not with commercials inserted) is to own that show on physical media.

Back in the ancient days of the 20th century, before the rise of streaming or even the availability of shows on physical media, beloved shows would live only in reruns and at the whims of syndication, one of my favorite shows ROBIN OF SHERWOOD, I only would be able to see in fits and starts, before it finally, decades later, got physical media releases.

That show is still relatively scarce on broadcast or streaming, but the physical media remains. I thankfully can watch it anytime I want.

I feel that way about some shows in streaming now (the way I did in those days before physical media), that they are at risk of being unavailable and/or lost.

Specifically LUKE CAGE SEASON 2 which I think is one of the best of the Netflix/Marvel collaborations (it transcends some cringeworthy moments to be a very sophisticated and compelling and surprising season of television), still has not gotten a physical media release. Which I think is criminal.

Thankfully it is available for sale finally. And I have my copy coming.

Along with the first season of Luke Cage, and the first two seasons of Daredevil, this was the only other “must own in physical media” show from the Netflix/Marvel Collaboration.

And Finally it is on its way!


For pointers on picking up your own copy, like, subscribe and comment!


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