Favorite Lenticular Poster of the Day!!!! Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey!


I have always been a 3D, hologram fan. And Lenticular, a printing process which has gotten popular in the last several years… is a form of 3D, that does not require glasses.

It is actually a pretty impressive printing process, both artistically and technology wise, but posters that take full advantage of this technology, this process, to good effect… have been few and far between.

The above 2 ft by 3 ft… 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY poster is one of the best examples of that place where art and invention meet. It is a beautiful piece. You can pick up the non-lenticular (ie flat 2d version) many places, however the lenticular version— that is going to be a harder find.

But as someone who ponied up the money to get one, I have to tell you it is worth the money I paid. It looks like you can reach into the image.

Highly Recommended!



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