Stranger Things

“It is only proper for a man to taste misery in his thirty-third year, Nathaniel decided. While waiting in the airport lounge Nathaniel realized that, in some small way, he was approaching his own customized Golgotha. Though he doubted that the effects of his journey would ever equal those of the messiah, he nonetheless found himself wondering whether Venice would bring him peace or a sword.”
—‘Strange Advances’ by Richard Gavin available in his collection OMENS

Travel is such an interesting thing. You meet people, you overhear stories, you see sites, you endure mishaps and happy accidents. For a writer travel is not just a thing… it is the thing. Of more value than house or hearth or home… the collecting of experiences is all. And whether those experiences are good or bad, that is indifferent. What matters is places that bear your footsteps, of sites both mundane and marvelous… that you have born witness to.

I’m trying to gather my resources, pay my debt-holders (a venal and vicious bunch to be sure), rally my forces… for one mad push to the sea.

A trip at the end of July, that has been calling to me since the world was young, and I was younger still. A trip all the way… to the mountain where God sits. And all such a trip will cost me… is everything. But the real crazy part, you wanna hear?… the real crazy part is… I have no qualms in paying it.

And all I have to do to get there… is survive the spring. Stranger things have happened. 🙂

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