Recommended Podcasts! Film Weekly on TONY MANERO

“Tony Manero- A very dark, unpleasant, slightly perplexing film… [On 2nd viewing]And thought this was utterly brilliant. It sets itself up as a comedy, and then you get these weird spasms of violence going on in the wings… I think that probably it’s an acid satire on globalization. It’s set in the 70s. In Pinoche era Chile where Political Talk can get you killed, and the populace is basically brainwashed by these TV talent shows. But I guess on a wider level, it’s about the Americanization of Latin America. And it is a story of a sort of… Zombie Nation… And it is superb.”

—from the British podcast FILM WEEKLY, Their 2009 Best of The Year Episode

Odd how that description of bloody dictatorship era Chile, sounds ever more like, the America outside our doors.

Other recommended films on their list are:

ANTI-CHRIST (like IRREVERSIBLE it’s a film I have no interest in seeing. See my upcoming article on Lars Von Trier)

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