Today’s Recommendation: THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON

I made peace with myself somewhere between my ambitions and my limitations
… glenn ford

WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON-Dean Stockwell who spent his early career playing annoying, conflicted characters is true to type in this zero budget horror flick. Comes off as more the rushes of a film, rather than a finished film. At times laughably bad film. Horror drama as political farce.

The Werewolf meets Dr. Strangelove. I know this is one movie Dean Stockwell wishes did not exist. The telephone booth scene being so ludicrous it’s laughable. I cannot decide if this flick is going for brainless or brilliant, at times both. The licking the midget scene at the feet of Frankenstein was just too bloody much for me. Add to that a cage-match on the White house lawn?!? What possessed Stockwell to think this film was a good career choice is beyond me. And is it me or does that President remind you of Bush? A bad movie, that should be at least fast forwarded through. : ).”Get back people! He may be the President but he’s still a Human Being!”

I have never hated the beginning of a movie more, written it off, and been completely blown away by the last hour! I wrote most of this review before reaching the end of the movie. It really turns on a dime, and becomes a film that laughs at itself, and at you. In its own right it becomes as classic as the films that inspire it.


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