While we’re on the Werewolf theme let’s explore the following:

The Films of Paul Naschy

Just getting into this actor/director’s body of work. And have seen two of his films. CURSE OF THE DEVIL and FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR.

The first… CURSE OF THE DEVIL has inexplicably good reviews from AMAZON, which hoodwinked me enough to actually buy this flick.

It is not even laughably bad, it’s just bad. And boring. A really yawn inducing combination.

Anybody who calls this a good film, should be forced to get a new dictionary. For a comprehensive review on this flick go here:

So yeah, CURSE OF THE DEVIL=waste of time and money. D-.

However the other film, FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR, Naschy’s first horror flick…. is surprisingly… damn enjoyable. It has a lot of camp bits to it, but the performance of Naschy as the most bestial Werewolf you have ever seen, really saves this movie, and elevates it.

Naschy’s performance is manic, and has to be seen to be believed, and I’ve seen it repeatedly and it impresses me more every time. B+.

For another review on FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR go here:

Per some recommendations I have on order two other Naschy films:




So when those come in, I’ll post what I think of them.

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