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A Night of Horror: Volume 1 (2015)

Ok this was just weird.

Most anthologies are notably hit and miss, and this female centric anthology is no exception.

The wrap around story is pretty much just inane, the first story doesn’t really go anyplace. The third story is just gross. A played for humor, too gross to be funny, very unsubtle dig on body modification. The 4th story deals with abuse/trama and things on the edge, and also goes nowhere. The fifth story will wean you off subways if you weren’t already, but I found intriguing/compelling. Sixth story we are back in gross out territory, which for me is just lazy, uninteresting excuse for storytelling. Just a waste of time. Story seven is well filmed but tries to be lynchian for lynchian sake, except this filmmaker is not David Lynch, and the story seems to be without anything you can call a point. Another waste of time. Story eight is a story about obnoxious, annoying teenagers. I can’t stand movies with annoying, obnoxious teens, and this one is mediocre to boot.

So eight stories in and it is an overwhelmingly un-enjoyable bag of films, a waste of eighty minutes, except the 2nd story that takes place in the morgue.

Holy Hannah,That story at least is worth the price of admission. A play on the brilliant Steven Moffat and Hettie MacDonald creation, this episode is the only genuinely scary one. I would say fast-forward to this story, and avoid the rest.


You can view it for free courtesy of Amazon prime, and remember just watch the morgue story and skip the rest. Grade: As an Anthology F-. For the Morgue short by itself, A-.

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