So I went out where the bad dogs howl

“So I went out where the bad dogs howl. New York, Philly. But it was no good. The only thing that ever scared me, was me. So I came home, and put on the badge… and everything was right.”

…Nick Nolte giving his greatest performance in one of my favorite films, Walter Hill’s EXTREME PREJUDICE

Guys and gals I know it has been a minute since my last post, but trust me I’ve been busy. And have lots of great coverage to bring you on the stellar East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention that took place this Saturday at Philly’s Temple University. Coming off New York Comic Con, I was looking for another great event, and this was it. Met a lot of great people while traveling to and from the con, and at the con itself.

Quick shout outs to Kathy, Kathy’s mom (Summer?), Roxanne, Rosalyn, Julie, (I know I’m butchering these names, and lots of others whose names are escaping my sleep deprived mind.

It’s 2am been back home a few hours… must…. get…. sleep! 🙂 .

But a full report is on the way! Thanks guy for supporting, and the comments and the emails and the love. Way appreciated!

So a passel of interviews, and reviews, and coverage from that. As well as Coverage of Randy Myer’s Collectors Corner FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event (very well attended).

Other upcoming events in the next 3 months (some of these are more set in stone than others) are the ROCK THE BELLS CONCERT in New York, which features a lineup of the greatest rappers/bands ever! Socially conscious names such as RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, PUBLIC ENEMY, IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE to name a few. Also I may make the MOCHA con in New York in June.

On the west coast I’m toying with the idea of the San Fran Film Festival, and maybe catching a day of the San Diego Con.

Outside of the 48 continental, I have on the docket the Virgin Islands, a well as a couple more, in the planning stages. So definitely travel in 2007 so far has been fun, and looking forward to doing more of it before the work grind starts up again in September!

Feel free to wow me with your own travel plans for this summer.

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