X-MEN:FIRST CLASS? uhhh… maybe Budget Class?

A 80 million dollar budget, and you can’t come up with costumes that don’t look like wet cardboard. And where’s Bishop? Evidentally they are throwing in any characters they want, so they could have tossed in Bishop. And the cast… man, Yeah, I really could not have less interest in this movie. It’s a DVD rental.


Dammit! I just saw that Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoe Kravitz is in this movie. With her bringing the Storm vibe, I may have to see this movie, just to see her (that’s a big maybe, cause the trailer looks not just bad, but worse… boring. And seems all they have Zoe doing is… pretty sad. Did I see her sans clothes, flapping little butterfly wings in front of the actors playing Magneto, Professor X? Do actresses of color always have to be portrayed in the worst possible light? God I hate Hollywood. But I’ll try and think happy thoughts until I know more).

Because seriously, no one else in the cast has me remotely interested. So if her part is not good, color me uninterested. But what, you couldn’t toss Bishop in as well?! Keith Hamilton Cobb would have made a great Bishop!