In WordPress how to EASILY Use Classic Editor over their garbage new Gutenberg Editor!

It took me 30 minutes, and lots of surfing and viewing unhelpful youtube videos till I found a simple way to get back to the Classic editor screen.

First all the hacks about installing the classic plugin do not work, because you now have to PAY to install plugins. That is a big no-no for me.

So how do you get back to classic editing, without having to pay to install the classic plugin?

All of you need to THANK— Writer Extraordinaire, Derrick Ferguson, for you being able to view these easy steps!!!

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Okay, on to the tip.

To avoid wordpress’ default AWFUL editor and get back to the old classic editor FOR FREE, at the time of this writing, you can do the following:




When you login to your site on the left hand menu bar, under MY SITE, select WP ADMIN.


That will then bring up the above looking screen. Select ALL POSTS.



At the top of the page that comes up you will see POSTS: ADD NEW. Use the drop down menu and switch it from BLOCK to CLASSIC EDITOR. TADA!!! You now can use the functional and much easier to use CLASSIC EDITOR!!!  Hair Pulling and Gnashing of teeth averted.


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WordPress/Browser/Tech Tip of the Day!

Whatever Browser you use you should…

1/change the default search engine to one of your preferred choices such as DUCKDUCKGO or IXQUICK.

2/ Check ‘Block Pop up Windows’

3/ Only enable Javascript when needed, with a site that you want to interact with, give those permissions to. For regular browsing, disable Javascript.

4/Turn on ‘Tracking Protection’ and ‘Do Not Track header’ for most browsing

5/ If using WordPress or Another site, and you find you can not get a function to work, and it is a site you trust and want to interact with, then turn Javascript on. If all functions stll do not work, a rare occurence, you may need to diable tracking blocking.

But again only do this on sites you have a relationship with, and want to give this ability to.

The above (#5) is how I resolved an issue with images not posting to WordPress

Hope this Helps somone who has been having a similar issue!