3D Blu-ray releases that blow away 4K releases : THE YOUNG AND PRODIGIOUS T.S. SPIVET

“If I stayed there, I’d end up turning around in circles like these bats. I’d only be an echo of myself”— T.S. Spivet


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And with wit and charm, the protagonist of THE YOUNG AND PRODIGIOUS T.S. SPIVET weaves a heart warming, yet surprisingly mature and at times bleak tale of the hinterlands of the dream for great things and vast adventures; in prosaic and insular times.

I only picked this movie up due to claims it had great 3D, and having finally received and watched it today, it lives up to the hype. It has excellent  A+ 3D, putting to shame inferior 3D releases such as DR. STRANGE (or most of the post converted Marvel Movies) and disappointments such as DUNE or ALITA BATTLE ANGEL in 3D.

But when 3D is done as well as it is done here and in films such as  LIFE OF PI, GRAVITY, THE MARTIAN (that mars storm sequence is as impressive a 3D sequence as you will find) , THE FORCE AWAKENS, and BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK, it blows away so-called 4K/UHD films.


And there are some good UHD releases (THE SHAFT 4K is a noticeable uptick,more for making use of color grading, but that is largely because the previous Blu-ray release was underwhelming in its mastering. UNCUT GEMS in Bluray looks better than the 4K Shaft release, and indeed as good as the UHD UNCUT GEMS. It is all about masttering), but the majority of the ones I have seen offer negligible uptick in quality over a well mastered Bluray film.


Quick aside, when comparing Bluray to 4K a big mistake even so called experts make is letting their 4K player upscale their Bluray or DVD content. Don’t do that.

There is still no such thing as intelligent up-scaling; what you get is duplicate pixels, for duplication’s sake. What you get is noise, which actually makes the picture look worse.

So to get a real comparison between your Bluray picture and UHD/4K picture, turn upscaling off on your TV and 4K Player. You will find a well mastered Bluray and a well mastered UHD, on an average 55″ screen, viewed at a normal viewing distance of about 8 feet, are relatively indistinguishable EXCEPT for the use of color grading on the UHD.

Color Grading, which is impressive, and the ability to burn your retina out (not impressive at all) is the questionable criteria that UHD “picture quality” is being sold on.

And in some cases, UHD looks worse than a well mastered Bluray (HURT LOCKER 4K is inferior to the HURT LOCKER Blu-ray mastering) . Resolution being only about real estate, dots per inch, and dots per inch is not the measure of picture quality.

The real great use of UHD would be to produce high definition 3D UHD physical media, so we get something with the wonderful immediacy of 3D, while being able to give a full 2K presentation/detail to each eye. That would be an impactful use of UHD/4K, and also an improvement to 3D

But getting back to TS SPIVET, more than being a 3D success, the movie is just plain good. Surprisingly so. Highly Recommended to other 3D Fans!