And The Rock Cried Out…

My 3rd Earthquake.

But my first on the East Coast of the United States, where no EarthQuakes should be.

“Lucy! You got some explaining!!”

Somebody is playing around with the (supposedly UN banned) Weather Modification Device again. 🙂

See my earlier post here for more on my thoughts on WMDs.

Back on topic though…

They are always unreal moments. Earthquakes I mean.

They are moments when reality…. evaporates.

Out of a calm, normal world, to suddenly have things around you, solid things, move… move… move. Odd disorienting feeling, that reminds you of the unremindable, that we are microbes on a hurtling ball of rock that is flying through space, circling a giant of fire, and held on to this world by nothing more… than the grace of an unfathomable God.

Puts it into perspective… doesn’t it.

And perhaps one more thing, woe betide the microbes that mistake the ability to sting a world, with a world’s inability to sting back.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere. A sign.

Perhaps just for you.

I have some books to pick up, till later… be well.

Today’s Imaginary Story? Haiti Earthquake US UN Culpability and Convenient Atrocities

What do I think of the Haitian Earthquake?

I think it’s a “convenient atrocity”, convenient for those who have made every day of the last decade an atrocity for that lone Island State of Haiti.

Convenient in that the earthquake makes the news, whereas the holy war American troops have been waging there, like they did at the beginning of the 20th century, doesn’t make the news. Convenient in the fact that the Earthquake makes the news and the fact of Western Conglomerates using debt as a weapon, and using Haiti as a slave labor camp… does not. Convenient in the fact that the Earthquake makes the news whereas the fact of the US/UNs horrendous tampering with the nation’s upcoming Feb 2010 elections, now gets moved off the radar.

Convenient in that Americans (who know nothing of the news but what culpable talking heads tell them) get to believe their government is riding in to be the white hatted cowboy, when America has spent the last decade lynching and raping the nation. America is the Earthquake, and we have been hitting that country a lot longer than just today.

What do I think of the Haitian Earthquake?

It’s a convenient atrocity.

On a larger scale, but not unlike Katrina.

I don’t believe in “convenient” atrocities.

I believe atrocities are made. And I believe somebody didn’t read the UN Nations treaty prohibiting using weather modifications weapons as a means of warfare.


“Weather what??”

Weather— modification— weapons.

If they didn’t exist, why would the UN have a treaty, frowning on their use.

This treaty to be exact:

UNGA RES. 31/72, TIAS 9614

full text here.
and try here.

Try reading something beyond the football scores, and you just might see… our facts have been overtaken by our fictions.

We do live, as quietly as it is kept, in the 21st century… in an age of marvels. The shame of it is… all those marvels… are only designed to kill you… better.

From robot controlled planes used to drop bombs and police cities, to robot soldiers, to geo-orbital canons, to engineered plagues, to our latest “ready for prime-time” toys… weather modification weapons.

Oh my.

Don’t believe do you?

Yeah, and that’s why it can happen. But fear not, you will believe.

Because there will be more of these convenient atrocities coming,

You will, in the fullness of time, believe.

I just hope you don’t pay too high a price for that belief.

I just hope we don’t all pay too high a price. You would think people intelligent enough to split the atom, create space-based particle weapons, genetically modify food to kill sperm, chart the DNA, make feasible cloning, and make precise weather modification weapons, would be smart enough to forsee the downside of such mechanizations.

But with history as a guide, scientists are a leap before they look bunch.”I am become Death, The Destroyer of Worlds”. No shit, Oppenheimer… I could have told you that before you set the fing bomb off.

So as a rule, scientists are really stupid smart people, and they create things that ultimately… turn on their creators.

A weapon modification device being potentially a very glaring case in point.

Yeah, messing around with the tectonic plates, and stresses of the world 5000 miles away, may not turn out to be the brightest thing in the world to do. The world being just a big, tense ball… those not so good vibrations you set off somewhere else ARE going to come back around and have an effect THROUGHOUT the body of that ball.

Big or small, short term or long, that is the question, but effect it will have.

In the interim, believe or not in the cause of Haiti’s most recent convenient atrocities, go to the following liks to get informed.

HURAH Non-Profit

Now go… and save some lives.