Snowed In? Binge Watch Gerry Anderson’s UFO on HULU!!

If you are like a great majority of the North East, you are very much snowed in this weekend; so let me suggest something perfect for such a weekend.

HULU offers a bevy of shows worthy of binge watching, here is one of the best:

UFO – This series, the brainchild of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson is them making the leap from their very popular children’s Marionette series to, not only Live Action, but also more Adult fare. This show, embodying many of the obsessions of the late 60s, the Space Race, ESP, the James Bond Spies, A more global, diverse perspective, and UFOs,tells an imaginative tale of a secret cold war between these mysterious UFOs and the Earth’s protectors… SHADO.

A few episodes in, getting past the wonderfully kitschy depiction of the far flung year of 1980 (Sylvia’s designs for dress and uniforms, is at once sexy, ludicrous, surreal, and ultimately captivating), and the crudeness of the effects (which I personally love, Gerry Anderson being the king of marionette and minature based effects, which he would further perfect in SPACE 1999, which itself would inspire some of the effects in STAR WARS) and you quickly realize this is a serious and at times shockingly dire and brilliant show. The scripts are surprising, in that out of this far fetched world comes moments of pathos, and thoughtfulness, and sometimes strivings toward the profound. It was a welcome tone, a morality to the writing that would be even more in evidence in the 1st season of SPACE 1999 (avoid Season 2, and make sure you watch Season 1 in the correct order).

But despite its quality UFO was an unfortunately, but possibly understandably, short lived show.

The unfortunate part because the show when originally broadcast in the US, was done out of sequence, which made it just not work from week to week. A similar fate would befall both UFO’s follow-up series and (as a 21st century example) Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY

HULU thankfully presents the series in order, and it makes all the difference, as you get to grow with the characters as they grow with each other. Treat yourself to this 46 year old, way out 60s infused tale of spies and Aliens in the far-flung future of 1980.

Highly Recommended!

The Odd Terrain of America, viewed as if by God or There’s something on the wing or UFO/Too Much Alcohol :)

I’m still creating the “awards” for the Welles’ Podcast winners ( Note to self, it takes a LOOOOONG time to edit the highlights of 11 different shows onto a CD. I’ve got eight shows done, three to go) , and still working on the 2nd and Final portion of the WORLD FAMOUS, (would you believe “Block Famous”?) Welles Awards. So in the interim, here’s some ramblings and pics from my cross country flight:

Well I was taking that long flight from the West to the East, and had one of the worst flights taking the carrier… US Airlines.

They were offering great round trip prices, little did I know these prices came at the expense of little things like free baggage handling and making your connections on time.

So when you added up the additional costs (due to US Airlines now charging for your baggage check), the US Airlines prices… not a deal. When you also add the fact that you also miss connections the US Airways prices are really not a deal. And because they cut out flights, if you miss a connection, you’re pretty much stranded until the next day.

Which is what happened to yours truly. So then you (you, as in me) have to come out of pocket to rent a hotel for the night… do you get the picture? Needless to say, not a happy camper. That said, thankfully US Airways still has good people working for them, in what amounts to a cost cutting atmosphere. So the Attendent, to perhaps appease my rising eyebrow (sign of my ire), she gave me a free round-trip ticket good for a year.

It was a bribe, but it worked. I was suitably appeased. Not happy… but appeased.

That said, I haven’t used the ticket yet, but will be using it shortly.

Anyhow when finally, on a flight heading to my final destination, beyond bugging the people I sit next to (the band mates for Darius Rucker, formerly known as Hootie of “Hootie And The Blow Fish”. The guys were heading to Tennessee to play a gig) I amuse myself by taking pics of the ground beneath.

The odd terrain of an America, viewed as if by God.

So amuse yourself by laughing at my horrific photography, as I continue to wrap up the Welles Awards! 🙂 . Take a look:

Take Off

Take Off

Leaving the land of endless sun, and constant parking tickets. 🙂

Life on Mars

Life on Mars

Sheesh! That landscape fills me with confidence! “Life on Mars” Indeed.


The Dragon… rampant! (If you’re the first person to tell me what movie that’s from you’ll win a copy of the movie) I quite like the image the river makes, very Chinese New Year like.

There's something on the wing!

There's something on the wing!

You fools! Don’t look at the clouds! There’s something on the wing!!!

Home and the Grace of God

Home and the Grace of God

Okay, made it across the country… home… by the grace of God.

Okay that’s enough rambling! I’ve got work to do.