Well I checked out a few more trailers for upcoming films, and I’m still hugely unimpressed,

THE THING has released it’s umpteenth trailer, and they can do all the reediting they want, it still comes across as a Dawson’s Creek/CW watered down version of the Carpenter classic. And the main strike this film has is the lead, has no charisma. And the whole female lead, is another place where I think this re-imagining will fall down. The trailer offers nothing new of merit. I’ll wait for this one on DVD.

THE HOWLING REBORN- While I’m a huge fan of Werewolf movies, I really can’t stand movies with annoying, preppy, whining pale faced kids, who think they have problems, which is why I gave up on SMALLVILLE after the 3rd season. So I’ve got a lot of reason not to like this trailer/film. That said the trailer moves at a fair clip and seems to pack a lot in. A rental if nothing else.

PREMIUM RUSH- So yeah wrapping up 2011, the movie scene with few exceptions looks very unpromising (and very white. Seriously would it kill you to have movies with people of color. This Hollywood trend to all white casts is a sure way to keep my dollars in my pocket). However I see some interesting movies on the horizon for 2012, if the trailers are any indication. And the trailer for PREMIUM RUSH is brilliant. I put it up there with trailers for TAKERS, SPEED, etc. It looks like a thrill a minute. Definitely one I’ll keep on my radar. (by contrast the trailer for the new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN interests me not at all. That whole Dawson’s Creek vibe again)

Well that’s all for this installment.