4 Disgusting Things too many people do!!

So I’m out and about today, in one of those interminable lines that is becoming the American experience. I see Bread lines on the horizon, anyhow I’m in this line, and the guy in front of me pulls out a handkerchief blows his nose in it, inspects it while folding his prize in upon itself, then sticks the thing back in his pocket.

How effing disgusting is that?

Whose brilliant idea was it to carry around and reuse a rag full of snot??

It is so beyond the pale disgusting.

Dude, there’s this invention called tissues. You can even get the kind made out of recycled paper and bio-degrades. So you use it, and toss it away. What you don’t do is keep re-handling a rag full of your snot, then walk around shaking peoples hands and picking things up.

Grrraarrgghhhhhh! That is so frigging disgusting.

Anyhow it got me thinking of the top 4 disgusting things way too many people do.

1/ Not wash your hands after using the bathroom— The chief disgusting thing. But thankfully the amount of people I’ve seen do this is small, but unfortunately they are out there. And you’d be surprised that they tend to be white collar types. Watch out for those mortgage bankers and lawyers (not all, just the select few), especially if they want to shake your hand. I’ve gotten so distrusting I don’t even shake peoples hands anymore. You can get the pump-fist instead.

2/ Going hand in hand with that is people who read in the bathroom. Here’s the thing, the only paper in a bathroom should be flushed when you get done using it. Not something you carry into the bathroom, do your business and carry out carrying all kinds of germs (cause unless you can wash that book like you wash your hands it shouldn’t be leaving or entering the bathroom with you), or leave in there to be a germ magnet. Where the heck were you people raised? Seriously. Now reading in the tub, fine, whatever. But if you spend so much time on the crapper, you need to pass the time reading, you need to get yourself checked. In and out buddy, in and out.

Okay onto disgusting thing 3….

3/ Urinals. What the efff is this nonsense about not having toilet paper near urinals? I am not for this shake and drip nonsense. What are we barbarians?

And No# 4

The aforementioned Handkerchief.

So there you go kids. Four essential deal-breakers, that way too many people are breaking. Keep an eye on them.

Here endeth the lesson.