INCEPTION THE IMAX EXPERIENCE? Give me a frigging break!

Going by the early praise on imdb and various other sites, you would think this film was the 2nd coming or was going to cure cancer. I’ve been there and done that with the films of Nolan, he has a rabid cheering section that seek to lionize films that… for the most part don’t do it for me. That said INCEPTION does look good and intriguing and I look forward to checking it out tomorrow… but not in IMAX!

First let me say I love real IMAX screens, the real 5 story, curved screens that you can find at better science centers in major cities, not the bs retrofited multiplex screens that they call IMAX, when it is clearly IMAX-lite.

That said even those retrofitted screens are worth a look when they are projecting a true IMAX 3D film. IMAX 3D, is the only really satisfying 3D process. So a film in one of these midget IMAX theaters, can be worth the extra money if filmed and projected in IMAX 3d, ala AVATAR.

INCEPTION is not in Imax 3D, so this IMAX EXPERIENCE when it’s done in a retrofitted multiplex screen, is really just code for “boy we think you are really damn stupid and will pay a higher ticket price for nothing”. I saw IRON MAN 2 this way (I thought it was IMAX 3d and instead it was just the IMAX EXPERIENCE) and in a word….was not worth seeing in this manner, a normal theater would have been just as good, and depending on the theater… better.

So here’s hoping that all the smoke being blown around INCEPTION is not just DARK KNIGHT level of bs, and that there is actually a decent film there. And please save your money, and don’t support these psuedo IMAX films. Accept either a REAL IMAX screen or at least IMAX 3D.

So thanks for reading, and come back tomorrow if you want to get a real NON PAID or BS review of Christopher Nolan’s latest.