Daniel Stamm’s THE LAST EXORCISM Trailer

Director Daniel Stamm is an unknown quantity to me. So the trailer for his THE LAST EXORCISM movie has to stand on its own.


Trailer is not bad. Just isn’t particularly…. intriguing. Out the gate you know with exorcism in the title, you are already setting yourself up for (rightly or wrongly) comparisons with THE EXORCIST. I’m sorry, that’s just how that is. Like anything else, you’re going up against the shadow of what has gone before.

You do a western, people coming to the theater will have UNFORGIVEN, OPEN RANGE, TOMB STONE, SEARCHERS in their head. And perhaps you don’t have to be as good as those movies, but you have to at least show something that looks like an exciting, and at least somewhat original, take on a familiar theme.

The poster pretty much summarises all the trailer has to offer, a young girl with the assistance of CGI, contorting her limbs and breaking her joints, and doing the familiar crawling on the ceiling stuff. That’s pretty one trick, to carry a trailer much less an entire movie.

The trailer for THE LAST EXORCISM does not inspire confidence. It seems very cliched, very been there done that, and very…. , well it’s no other way to say this… boring.
And that is something a minute trailer should never do… bore you. I hope the trailer is misleading and the film is great… but I don’t quite see it.

Your mileage may vary.

Check the trailer out here!

And say with me, screw FLASH based trailers. FLASH =easy avenue for spyware and viruses.