A calm, sane response to the Insanity in Kentucky and the White House

Today we are calling for the removal of Louisville Attorney General Daniel Cameron and Chief of Police  Robert Schroeder as well as the prosecution of the officers involved with the Breonna Taylor murder. Not just a token indictment (slap on the wrist) to one officer for “recklessly discharging his weapon”. All three officers need to be indicted and prosecuted for murder.

And while a 12 million dollar settlement for Ms. Taylor’s family is a beginning, Ms. Taylor, the murdered EMT, is no longer alive to see that money. And obviously law enforcement in Kentucky, have not learned anything about ‘recklessly discharging’ their firearms, since the murders continue.

And while talk about a Kentucky Derby Boycott is an idea, like the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ or ‘Me too’ or ‘De-fund the Police’ — it is not a great idea.

The message is no more ‘Black Lives matter’ than it can remain ‘White Lives matter’ or ‘Blue Lives Matter’, the message has to be ‘All Lives Matter’ or we have missed the point.

No one I know — cares about the Kentucky Derby, so it has limited real impact outside of Kentucky. Now say Boycott some of the bigger businesses in Kentucky, such as PAPA JOHNS amd YUM’S FOOD. And you are starting to say something financially, and potentially something globally.

So as of today let us initiate Boycotts of companies who do not come out requesting in writing, prosecution of the 3 involved officers. And in addition mandate the Louisville Police Force to put in place a program of community policing as well as more hiring of police from the populations being policed. As well as mandatory and quarterly sensitivity training and bias and psychopathy training for all police officers. Routine testing can help detect and remove unfit police, before they abuse the public trust, and ruin lives.

And as mentioned, we also request the immediate removal of Louisville Attorney General Daniel Cameron (his crocodile tears demeanor, as he gave excuses for not indicting the three officers for murder, and giving just a token indictment to one officer — would do his mentor, Donald Trump proud) and Police Chief Robert Schroeder (since the failure of the led, is always a failure of leadership. Those officers felt empowered to turn a neighborhood into a shooting gallery, because that is the way that Department views that neighborhood and the people in that neighborhood).


Till such time as this happens, let us show Kentucky our displeasure — by boycotting some of Kentucky’s biggest employers.

Let’s make taking lives—- costly. In the only language racists and psychopaths seem to understand, dollars and cents.


Boycott the Following businesses, wherever you are in the US or in the world:








And feel free to let them know why you are boycotting them. Breonna Taylor could have been their friend, their sister, their daughter, their loved one, and as they would demand murderers answer for such crimes, then likewise Breonna Taylor’s murderers need to answer, and not quietly get a slap on the wrist and have it covered up by a city, and a state that is moving backwards.

I do have to say, some positives coming out of this, is the sweeping reforms proposed by Mayor Greg Fischer. He is meeting major opposition from people, who are not helping to address the crime against Ms. Taylor, and people who seem not motivated to enact change to stop such abuses in the future.


Till next time, be well!


The most important news story of our digital age?

If you are not donating to the EFF, are not a card carrying member, and you consider some of the violations of personal liberties as well as continued inability of companies to safe guard our data, a concern at the least, and more accurately an outrage… EFF is the one fighting for your freedoms. And the one that needs your support.

Read up on FCC’s historic capitulation to big business (again… similar to when they just GAVE  huge swaths of the public airwaves over to the private sector) as they now give unfettered manipulation powers to already grossly entrenched and competition squashing monopolistic entities (your ISPs).

And find out why the fight is not over and what you can do to help.

Go here…

Cat & Unicorn



Movie Poster of the Day! Support Quentin Tarantino’s THE HATEFUL EIGHT!


Finally we get a good poster for Quentin Tarantino’s eagerly awaited eighth movie… THE HATEFUL EIGHT!

I for one am definitely looking forward to it, as it has a great cast and an intriguing premise, and I’m a fan of westerns. Tarantino remains one of the most interesting filmmakers, and this is one I want to lay down my money for.

Plus it would be great to send a big FU to “not-worthy-to-be-named Tarantino haters”, by making this movie a box-office smash! 🙂


I’m still toying with cover ideas for MONARCHS OF MAYHEM, below is one. the photo was taken by yours truly. I’m relatively proud of it. I’ll post more ideas as they pop up.


MONARCHS OF MAYHEM is a book full of interviews with writers of the weird and pulp and strange. From the pulp stylings of Ferguson to the subtle horror of Gavin to the breakneck thrills of Olden.

It takes the existing five interviews you can find here, updates and expands them, and adds five more interviews not previously published, and combines it with extensive photos of the authors own works but more than that their inspirations, their loves, their peers to bring a strange and evocative book filled with posters, book covers, DVD and CD recommendations and much more. 96 pages, hardcover, limited edition.

Sounds really intriguing? I think so.

To make it happen I need you (yes you! :)) to swing by the Indiegogo page linked to below, take some of your friends and support the project at the $35 level. At that level you get the hardcover book.

You make it happen here!

IndieGoGo and KickStarter Campaigns of the Day!

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The neXt generation, shape-shifting, 3D logic puzzle.
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Timbuktu Archival Effort
In 2012, under threat from fundamentalist rebels, a team of archivists, librarians, and couriers evacuated an irreplaceable trove of manuscripts from Timbuktu at great personal risk. The manuscripts have been saved from immediate destruction, but the danger is not over. A massive archival effort is needed to protect this immense global heritage from loss.
Sounds like a really solid cause.


VacuVita is a fully-automated and sustainable kitchen system that keeps food fresh for up to 5 times longer!

Really fantastic rewards at the $13 and $39 and $99levels.

And last but not least
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Blog News Update

Quick update on some of the stuff this blog has percolating:

I was quite pleasantly surprised to receive Oracom Editions GRAPHISTES WORLD ARTBOOK 01, beautiful French language art-book in the mail today. Just in time for tomorrow’s WEDNESDAYS WORDS. Mentioned in a previous WEDNESDAY WORDS, I’ll be bringing you a full review of this art-book of the fantastic.

I’m rounding the bend on finishing Norvell Page’s pulse pounding SPIDER novel, THE CITY DESTROYER. So far Page’s prose lives up to its hype. It’s intense and ambitious and writ large and moves at a breakneck pace. However, I’ve read warnings that that intensity comes at the price of the endings tending toward the train-wreck nonsensical variety. I’ll see if THE CITY DESTROYER avoids that pitfall, and then toss up my review.

I haven’t forgotten the MONARCHS OF MAYHEM posts, I’m trying to elicit funding to keep these posts coming. To that end you can do your part by utilizing the purchase links and patronizing the sponsor links. And definitely purchase the Epub articles when you see them listed ( such as the Sherlock Holmes one to your left)

In addition to the MONARCHS OF MAYHEM installments, funding would also allow this blog to pursue short story audio recordings of specific under-appreciated writers.

The comic book cover postings have been very popular, so I’m working up another one that should go up tonight.

And I’m working up a favorite podcast post that should go up this week.


And I’m working on a comic strip for the blog, a bit unlike any other strip you’ve seen.

So lot’s of fun stuff on the agenda! Keep checking in and supporting! Thanks!

HEROIC TIMES The Best of Fiction Contest!

I wanted to take a little bit of time and thank those of you who have subscribed to this blog, and take the time to ‘like’ posts etc. It just is… strongly appreciated, and very awesome of all of you.

I do this blog for a very simple reason…

It’s the reason anyone does anything, in the absence of money or threat.

I do it because I am compelled.

So I’m always happy to see that my eclectic, ramblings from the edge; can entertain more than myself. Because make no mistake, I entertain the heck out of myself with this blog, but it is added enjoyment to entertain Lesley or Max or Martin or Beth or any of you gals and guys who have subscribed, liked, commented, sent emails, and purchased items at Amazon through my blog links. That continues to be a very huge and very necessary part of keeping this blog going.

Okay so to thank my subscribers I’ll be holding three contests over the next several postings. Just a little bit of giving back to my subscribers and supporters.

I have writers that I approached to answer my patented, slightly insane HEROIC TIMES questionnaires. The answers are across the board brilliant and fun. I consider myself well read, but these guys are going to introduce you to writers and books and short stories, that were new to me. They are now on my list of items to get, and I think will find place on your list as well.

Really, really great stuff.

So a contest/quiz will be posted at the end of each one of the upcoming questionnaire posts. The first person to respond with the correct answers wins a prize.

I’m still brainstorming what all the prizes will be, but one of the prizes will be the following:

King David

Just because I’m a huge fan of Kyle Baker, and I think that’s a particularly lovely book, whether or not your religious in anyway. It’s just captivating storytelling and art.