Music of the Day: The Essential GREGORY PORTER!

So if new to the Grammy winning Gregory Porter, begin with his Grammy winning Album LIQUID SPIRIT(2013).

A mix of blues, soul, jazz and a touch of bop, and lifted by one of the most amazing voices and crooners since Nat King Cole, LIQUID SPIRIT is one of the best albuns of the young 21st century.

Now once you’ve listened to LIQUID SPIRIT, an album you can listen to from beginning to end, repeatedly… what’s next?

I would say listen to his singles 1960 WHAT? and FEELING GOOD off of his first album WATER(2010).

From his 2nd Album BE GOOD (2012) standouts are ON MY WAY TO HARLEM and REAL GOOD HANDS and BLING BLING and GOD BLESS THE CHILD.

We have already discussed his third album LIQUID SPIRIT, his next album is the collaborative GREAT VOICES OF HARLEM (2014)with notable song being MOANIN.

2015 Saw his rerelease of LIQUID SPIRIT with additional songs.

2016 saw the release of  TAKE ME TO THE ALLEY, highlights being HOLDING ON and FRENCH AFRICAN QUEEN (A song, in its phrassing, very reminiscent of  the late, great Terry Callier).

 And bringing it up to date, his 2017 album is NAT KING GOLE & ME and it is easily Porter’s best album since LIQUID SPIRIT. Every song is a winner. Even in the age of Itunes and Digital those two CDs are must haves. Andin addition they both make great gifts this holiday season.

Liquid Spirit

Nat King Cole & Me



POSTERS OF THE DAY: The Films of Carl Franklin

POSTERS OF THE DAY: The Films of Carl Franklin

Nice SHADOW AND ACT post about Carl Franklin despite his attempts, not getting any feature film directing gigs since 2003.

Carl Franklin is one of my favorite directors (read my coverage of him here), and the fact that he can’t get films to direct is a loss for everybody, especially film fans like myself.

Look to your house Hollywood! Look to your house!

Slightly obtuse statement, but it sounds suitably dire and Shakespearian. 🙂

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Remembering Elizabeth Taylor : A life in pictures.

Others will speak on her as both actress and person, I will simply say that if you haven’t seen her movies, for whatever reason, give them a try. I think you’ll find in her work, regardless of whether or not the specific film speaks to you, a voracious talent who brought that passion to bear on film.

And I think there is much for a new generation to learn, from those oft scathing films and performances that remain of her.

Will always remain of her.

“What can you say about a legend? Elizabeth Taylor is a courageous survivor, a hell of an actress and someone that I am extremely proud to know… Her sunny looks also often led the critics to overlook her powerful performances and underrate her acting ability … But she has won over her detractors with tenacity and dedication to her craft. She was always striving to push herself to the limit. Revisiting her work is revelatory… In the midst of our filming Cat on a Hot Tin Roof she became a widow … Yet she persevered and acting was therapeutic. I was overwhelmed with her professionalism. She later said that playing Maggie ‘The Cat’ saved her.”

— Paul Newman on Elizabeth Taylor

And taking the late, great Paul Newman’s example, please reach out to people who matter to you and say how you feel about them now, when they can hear you. When it matters.

Family, friends, influences, inspirations, tell them now.

Through this blog I got to meet and speak to two people, and thank them for their work, who have since passed. I got the chance to say to them, rather than speak in memory of them, and that does make all the difference to both you and them.

Take 2 minutes today and thank someone who matters to you.