UPCOMING MOVIES SPRING 2012: Piranha 3DD?! Really??

Upcoming Movies Spring 2012: PIRANHA 3DD

I really didn’t like the first movie. It was just… ehh. By the numbers, and even for a stupid movie… too stupid. But hey I’m sure it appealed to its intended demographic, and hence this sequel.

But being more of the same I had no interest in seeing the remake. I mean I like DD’s as much as the next guy but to pay theater AND 3D prices for a boring, dumb, and stupid movie kinda negates any joy seeing the bouncies (yes I did just say bouncies, uggggh I’m so juvenile) may give you. :).

It’s just not enough reason to sit through a bad movie. Plus I’m not really a gore, carnage guy. To have beautiful bodies, and the draw of your movie is having these beautiful bodies torn and ripped up?? Really?

I don’t get that. I don’t get that at all. Being not a convert to America’s cannibal zombie serial killer nation… that has no appeal to me, and no humor in it for me.

So all that’s on the minus. The pluses are Ving Rhames, he was one of the few good parts of the first film. That said would it kill the filmmakers to have more than two characters of color? I’m getting a bit sick of that Hollywood 50s style ‘back of the bus’ casting.

But the real potential hope for this film may lie in its creative team. A different director and writer is helming this sequel, and it’s the director who brought us the horror film FEAST.

Feast 3 Pack

Which was an irreverent and fun horror movie, that played with the tropes of the medium while remaining suspenseful and fun. If the creators, Director John Gulager (his dad starred with Lee Marvin in THE KILLERS)

The Killers (The Criterion Collection)

and writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan can bring that to this film, it’s possible they can make it something worth watching.

Time will tell.