New Time Radio/Podcast and OTR (Old Time Radio) Recommendations of the Day!

THE BRUTE by Joseph Conrad.

“You are in the middle of an ocean, on a jinxed ship from which there is… No escape.”

THE DRUMS OF THE FOUR AND AFT by Joseph Rudyard Kipling

ESCAPE’s ability to in a mere 30 minutes completely captivate you, in a world and a time, is second to none. As these recorded and broadcast live episodes, illustrate.

Four months into 1948, most homes still had radios. TVs then were like VR today, a costly, fringe technology, not yet broadly adopted. The 50s would bring mass adoption of television, supplanting radio as the premier broadcast medium.

But in 1948, three years after the end of World War II, radio was still king. The radio dominated the living room as families huddled in front of it, to get their news, their music, their sporting events, their comedy and their adventure.  And virtually no competition, less than a handful of stations. What you were listening to likely everyone you knew, or ever would know… listened to the same program at the same time.

We have nothing like it today. In this age of thousands of channels and millions of choices, and on-demand delivery, we watch, even the most popular shows in an isolation, an individualism, not at the same time, not with the same urgency, not with the same global penetration into who we are and what we love.

Civilizations, societies are forged by common loves and common hates and common points of reference. America has largely become a nation of adrift islands. In 1948 90 million people, all huddled around their radios to hear a live broadcast, not the fake live used today, delayed by minutes, but true immediacy of performance and audience consumption, tied together by a common moment.

It is alchemy. A magic that for all our streaming and digital innovations, we have fallen away from. The ability of a true shared moment between performer and audience.

90 million people listened to the below.


New Time Radio/Podcast and OTR (Old Time Radio) Recommendations of the Day!

1948 an America just coming out of the war to end all wars, and this series played to a generation that had unleashed the atom. ESCAPE sported the best voice actors in the world, names like Paul Frees, William Conrad, Jack Webb and many more, to give life to some of the most thrilling stories.

This is one of the stories that kept captivated a world that needed… Escape.

How Love Came to Professor Guildea.


A Wild Looking Horse, America, and Frontera

“One of the radio reporters for KABC in LA I guess, Pasadena area, he actually had a letter that had been received from DC from some organization to one of the border patrol station chiefs, and it clearly said they needed pickers in the Imperial valley and to essentially ease off on enforcement for a few days. He showed me the letter, it was pretty amazing stuff. I just think… people [should] understand there’s a business model, I think it’s a brutal business model… I personally don’t… I’m not real fond of it, I think it’s… it’s kind of a creation of a slave state that… that functions on a lot of human suffering”— from Frontera2.

What is Frontera2. Well today it’s a 43+ minute musical track that mixes the horrors of our daily world, with voices that… bear witness to those horrors. Available on, it’s… it is… worth your time. From World, to country, to folk, to mariachi the music is as diverse as the places where blood flows.

‘In the morning he rode the horse through the border crossing at Douglas Arizona. The guard nodded at him and he nodded back. “You look like maybe you stayed a little longer than you intended” The Guard said. The boy sat holding the reins loosely, he looked up at the broad street lying before him and at the barren hills about. He looked at the guard.

“How do you like this country?” he said.

“I like it fine” the Guard answered.

The boy nodded. “I do too” he said. then he touched the wild looking horse with his heels and rode off up the street… into America.’— from Frontera2

UPDATE: Unfortunately looks like the item has disappeared from (do a search for more on my opinion of and disappearing files). But leave me a private comment with an email address and I’ll direct you where you can listen to the whole 43 minutes. It’s worth your time.

SHERLOCK HOLMES Imagination Theater Conan Doyle!


I’ve been recently on a Sherlock Holmes kick.

I’m not what you can call a Holmes fan, it tends to be too dry and a little too… stiff upper lip for me. Conan Doyles’ legendary detective is, for me, a concept that is more appreciated for its historical signifigance than its quality.

That said I’ve recently been introduced to the Imagination Theater new Sherlock Holmes episodes. Written primarily by Jim French, they are very well rounded depictions of both Holmes and Watson, and brilliantly performed.

Go sample, and then purchase some episodes here:

Imagination Theater

I would recommend starting with the following:


It has the following fantastic episodes:


The Greatest of Them All: Sherlock Holmes, the name conjures pictures of gas-lit streets and dark mysteries from a bygone age. Along with his trusted friend Dr. John H. Watson, Holmes is without doubt the most famous sleuth the world has ever known with countless literary works, stage plays, films, television and radio programs all centering around this icon and spanning over 117 years. And now, with full authorization from the estate of Dame Jean Conan Doyle, daughter of Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jim French Productions brings you 10 episodes from our long running dramatic radio series starring John Patrick Lowrie and John Gilbert as Holmes with Lawrence Albert as Dr. Watson.

The Tuttman Gallery (Double Length Episode)
The Estonian Countess
The Adventure of the Silver Siphon** (Double Length Episode) John Gilbert is Holmes
The Adventure of the Missing Link** John Gilbert is Holmes
The Mystery of the Patient Fisherman
The Diary of Anthony Moltaire
The Bee and The Spider
The Wizard of Baker Street
The Living Weapon
School For Scoundrels

TUtTMAN GALLERY, THE LIVING WEAPON, and THE ADVENTURE OF THE SILVER SIPHON are particularly brilliant. It’s well worth the money, and tell them HT sent ya!