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I am not a slasher movie fan. I can not stress that enough, while a horror fan, Slasher is simply not my genre of choice, mostly because as a genre it tends to be one-note, insipid, and ineptly done. Also too mean spirited, too misanthropic; seemingly at times it is the filmmaker working out his serial killer fantasies, trying to get the audience to root for the monster. I have no interest in that.

Thankfully Jon Binkowski’s SCARE ZONE tends to avoid most of these slasher tropes and pitfalls, telling in 90 minutes a high energy, at times fun and likable film, filled for the most part with likable people (a slasher film rarity) who unfortunately find themselves the target of a dread force.

The movie keeps me captivated till the end. Even having in addition to its lighter notes and macabre lunacy something interesting, and perhaps a bit profound to say, about the effect that our affectations put on, can cause to ourselves and others.

A good way to spend 90 minutes. Recommended. C+/B-.