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Part the lyricism of BAD LANDS, part the body horror of John Carpenter’s THE THING, part the fetishism of the American car experience ala King’s CHRISTINE, and part something all its own… NIGHTSCAPE is a flawed horror film, it’s too long, too plodding, at times too indecipherable, but for all its flaws its ambitions and strengths and shear devotion to its own myth-building keeps you watching and keeps you compelled.

Like quite a few films you can’t go by its IMDB rating, generally because most people rating on IMDB don’t know how to do it. Given ‘1’ to anything they don’t like. The more accurate grade for this film would be ‘6’ going into ‘7’.

Cult I find is a term tossed out too often, sometimes just an excuse for bad, however not in this case. NIGHTSCAPE is a singular vision, and for all its homages, Writer/Director David W. Edwards has crafted something uniquely his own and uniquely compelling. Grade: Recommended to fans of films such as THE THING and CHRISTINE (I’m not saying its on that level, I’m saying its of that ilk. And if you enjoy those movies you’ll find things to enjoy here). Would love to see a DVD or BluRay of this complete with director and or cast commentary, because would like to hear more about the backstop of this film. Based on this first effort David W. Edwards is a filmmaker to watch.