Wesley Snipes and Mel Gibson to star in EXPENDABLES III in 2014

“Yesterday the first images from the set of The EXPENDABLES 3 arrived online showing Sylvester Stallone’s Barney Ross, and now we have a look at the new bad guy and co-founder of the band of mercenaries, Conrad Stonebanks, played by a beefed up Mel Gibson… The Expendables 3 is filming in Bulgaria under director Patrick Hughes (Red Hill), with a cast that also includes returning Expendables Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture and Terry Crews alongside franchise newcomers Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, Kellan Lutz, Glen Powell, MMA star Ronda Rousey and boxer Victor Ortiz. ”

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While I was a huge fan of the first EXPENDABLES film (see my review here), the 2nd movie, EXPENDABLES 2, directed by Simon West fell more than a bit short for me. Lacking Sylvester Stallone’s passionate hand behind the camera (the Director of the original EXPENDABLES), Simon West’s EXPENDABLES 2 felt overlong, and more cartoony and lacking the gravitas and emotion Stallone was able to get out of the first film.

Considering EXPENDABLES III sounds like it has a great cast (most notably Wesley Snipes return to the big screen has me intrigued) I would like for this film to be good. However EXPENDABLES III’s slated director, Patrick Hughes, is a relatively unknown director with only one film to his name (2010’s RED HILLS), and it sports writing by relative newcomer Katrin Benedikt who only has to her credit OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN; so the film doesn’t have the pedigree of a hit. However, I’m open to being pleasantly surprised.



CITIZEN GANGSTER- is one of those trailers, like SAMARITAN that gives away too much of the film. Once you’ve seen the trailer there’s really no reason to see the film.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN- Saw the latest trailer, shows all kinds of stuff and still not remotely interested. The actor playing Peter Parker doesn’t interest me, none of the actors seem to have any personality, and the trailer is just… there.

FIRST WINTER- is a far better trailer, in that it gives you enough of the premise for you to be intrigued, but not so much that it lays bear the film’s secrets. A film that seemingly takes place in the wake of an apocalyptic situation and is about how a group of off the grid types in an artist colony/commune deals… in the face of truly being off the grid. Understated trailer has me interested. View here!

THE ROAD- Yam Laranas’ THE ROAD has me really intrigued. The trailer is very creepy and enthralling and mysterious, which are all good things. This doesn’t look to be a simple slasher flick. This one goes on my have to see list.View the trailer here!

GET THE GRINGO- Unlike many, I have no problem with Mel Gibson. I think he has proven himself to be a fine director and fine actor in the past, and whatever personal issues he has I’m content to keep it his personal business and none of mine.

My reason being as long as he doesn’t go out of his way to make his personal issues public, ala Michael Richards, I’m not really concerned. We all have our bad days and bad moments, moments that should belong to us and the people involved… not necessarily the world. So yeah I have no issues with Mel Gibson, so looking at GET THE GRINGO as just a film I have to say; there’s nothing of real interest in the whole trailer, except Mel Gibson and he just looks sad and tired throughout.

I think he’s trying to pick pseudo comedic films to get back in the graces of the audience, but his choices (BEAVER before GET THE GRINGO) have the problem of being a little too creepy and perhaps a little too sad and forced, and GET THE GRINGO seems to feel (from the trailer) like that. Busy and forced and sad.

I don’t dislike the trailer, it’s just nothing in it that motivates me to go out and see it or even rent it. I think Mel Gibson would be better, rather than starring in these films to attempt to ingratiate himself to the audience, embracing instead (to some extent) the tirades against him.

I could see MEL GIBSON playing a villain, an arched megalomaniac villain. Bondian villain, and that working to put him back as an actor. He needs a film and a role that won’t scream Mel Gibson first, and GET GRINGO doesn’t seem to be that film.

SWEENEY- I won’t waste words. Trailer did nothing for me.

SOUL MAN- The trailer for Guillaume Ivernel’s feature film SOUL MAN looks… AWESOME!!! Wonderful computer animated imagery. With dazzling camera scenes, and a kick ass protagonist. Not sure yet why the film is called SOUL MAN when the protagonist is a Soul Woman :), but that aside a fantastic trailer and definitely looking forward to it.

Come back next time for more trailer talk, and feel free to suggest your own favorite trailers. And you can view any trailers I haven’t posted links for… here.

I heart Kim Delaney!

So Kim Delaney gets escorted off of stage for a rambling speech at a military awards function.

My thoughts?

My memory of Kim Delaney is from the short lived 1989-90 series TOUR OF DUTY, I know she starred in NYPD BLUE and MIAMI VICE and is currently starring in something called ARMY WIVES, but, beyond the first year of NYPD Blue, I haven’t watched any of that stuff.

So what I know of Kim Delaney is a hazy memory of a show from over 20 years ago. But I remember having a huge crush on her. And having seen recent pics, time if not quite life, has been very kind to her. She looks even more attractive, if not happier, than that woman of two decades ago.

But my opinion of her seemingly troubled speech??

Things happen. People have bad days. We all do.

Life gets in the way, for all of us.

Our lives don’t turn out like we want them to. Marriages fail, Family try you, friends betray you, jobs limit you, and governments disappoint you. And acting is the only job, where none of that is supposed to get in the way of you smiling for the cameras… both on and off duty.

But things do get in the way. Bad days, like rain, falling on the just and the unjust alike. On the famous and the unknown.

The only problem is when you’re a celebrity those… bad days, instead of just being between you, and maybe a few co-workers or family or acquaintances, those bad days are shared with millions if not billions of strangers.

Your bad day… made infinitely worse by… celebrity.

Take Mel Gibson. He has a bad day. He says things he shouldn’t when he’s in pain. Who amongst you is any different?

Tiger Woods, all of them. I refuse to judge, because I realize there is not one of their detractors, that can walk in the fishbowl the media makes of their lives… and not be crushed by it.

I realize that ‘casting the first stone’ was written for just such situations. I do think the press crosses the line, and I don’t think an actor sells his liberty when he sells his services.

I don’t think they sell their right to privacy or the occasional bad day.

Kim Delaney had a bad day at an awards show (I personally wouldn’t have been at an award show for a bunch of right wing leaning types myself, but hey, to each their own), but so what.

Stuff happens.

Life gets in the way.

Leave her be.