Kudos to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey


We tend to be a society that is heroic — in retrospect, heroic when it is easy, heroic when heroism involves cheering a battle someone else has won, heroic when we have nothing to lose by taking a side.

We boo World War II nazis in movies or in tv shows, made into a pat, safe, ‘mustache twirling’ villain by the lie of time, we the inheritors of victory —taking courage in a war won for us, that millions fought and bled and died for.

But real Nazis, the ones of today, who infest our penal institutions (even to the management of it, as a breeding ground for more Nazis), our courts, our schools, our representation, our corporations and even our law enforcement— we turn a blind eye to.

Forgetting that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and the price we owe soldiers is not insipid platitudes of ‘Thank you for your service’, but to insure they did not die or sacrifice in vain. That the scourge of Nazism and Intolerance and Brutality that was beat back– less than 75 years ago, we do not allow to take root or be imposed on subsequent generations.

The allies can not have beaten the third Reich, only to allow the spirit of the 4th and 5th and 6th Reichs to take root in the lands of those who won. So much of what is wrong with America, from mass shootings, to police brutality, to unreasoning divisions and hatreds of creeds and colors,– is this apathy, to good and to reason and to rationality, playing out… unhindered.


So when you have a DA Marilyn Mosby,  and in today’s case Minneapolis Mayor Frey, who must challenge evil not in retrospect, not from the comfort of watching fiction,  but must take a stand in their 9 to 5, and speak out against wrong, in this day and age when the cost of being right is high, when there is much to risk for speaking for what is moral and right; well they deserve our recognition, and our respect and our support.