On The Issues : A few thoughts on the upcoming 2016 Presidential Elections

There is a great site out there called ON THE ISSUES, that just breaks down the stances on the remaining Presidential candidates.

HILARY CLINTON (Democrat) – I was anti Hilary for no real reason I could name,  except it seemed to be in the air like a cold, and I had caught it. But once I got beyond the TV  noise, and started evaluating candidates just in terms of their stance and voting record and experience, I saw a candidate far different than the media caricature.  Her stance to look for alternatives to big oil, and willingness to embrace green energy options.  And her voting record has held big oil accountable which is a huge plus, and has made her enemies among the big pocket oil set. Which in my book raises her profile in a good way. And her stance to addess tax inequalities has appeal. She’s foreward looking which is what you want in a candidate to represent the US into 2020. Also Tim  Kaine her running mate  brings a stance and background on tax reform and tax equanimity as well as experience as Governor of Virginia.  The bad against Hilary is as Secretary of State she is the spearhead for an especially bloody foreign affairs record, with notable conflicts across the globe.

DONALD TRUMP (Republican) – The strength of Donald Trump is he is a successful businessman, and he is this crotchety, known, media personality. The crazy uncle you kinda like inspite of the idiotic things he says. The strength of celebrity, that got people like Reagan and Swartzenegger elected. People we are not better for having elected.

The weaknesses are he puts money over people, and has no problem widening the already dangerous gap between haves and havenots. And dismantling cultural, arts, education and civil liberties. He is also a dinosaur in his thinking, a 20th century oil worshiper, who is afraid and dismissive of  concepts such as climate control, solar power, wind farms, alternative energy. He is unable to make 21st century progress, he is too entrenched in supporting the continued 20th century strip mining of natural resources. And he is an exclusionist, rather than an inclusionist, seeking to divide and conquer, seeking to rule by fear and hate and division, and turn back the clock on ethnic rights, and civil rights, human rights and religious freedoms and tolerance. That makes him a candidate of yesterday, of moving us backwards as a nation, and completely unfit to represent the United States on the global stage as a diplomat, and a representative of America.

GARY JOHNSON (Libertarian) – His agenda is to make prevalent the flying of the confederate flag. Talk about moving a nation backwards. He probably also wants to reinstate slavery. Enough said.


JILL STEIN (Green) – Her stance is on women’s rights, alternatives to fossil fuels, Canceling college debt, business and privatization reform. Judicial and Policing reform.  Of all the remaining candidates her stances seem the most thoughtful and… presidential. She’s about moving the conversation forward rather than just muddying the waters.

The weaknesses of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, while one is a physician and the other an activist and teacher, is they lack any previous domestic or international experience. And while everone has to start somewhere, using the most powerful office in the world as your training ground, is probably to be avoided.

So based on my reseach on the remaining candidates, much to my surprise, as of this writing Hilary Clinton is not just the lesser of two evils, her and her running mate are the most experienced and the most ‘pro the people, the citizen’, of  all the remaining candidates.


Glad I did this post as watching/listening to the media is designed to keep the masses confused, and now having done some researh feel good about casting my vote. I hope it helped some of you as well.


‘I think even a cursory examination of this site provides a quick clarity on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates based on their record to date.

A clarity that gets lost by people who only absorb media soundbytes and shock jock extremes masquerading as news and journalism. People who live their lives as puppets to other men’s hates, easily manipulated and led by scarecrows of fear and greed and division.’




President Barack Obama’s Stimulus plan… is not America’s salvation, but it may be America’s doom. Democrats have become the new Republicans.


I respect President Obama, to an extent.

The position he holds.

And more, the composure of the man that holds it.

But that said he is a tool.

Not as big a tool as Bush had been, or McCain would have been.

But he is a tool.

And he is being used by business, by his corporate backers to rob America blind.

The stimulus plan, going further in debt to get out of debt, is a bad idea.

The only people who will profit are the big businesses that continue to bankrupt and raid this country, making money in America, without having to pay anywhere near their reasonable share of taxes ( some pay no taxes at all, and take billions out of America).

You want to turn around America’s recession and economic turmoil, then repeal the blank checks that the Bush administration gave to big business that allow them to offshore jobs (ie eliminate America jobs) and still make staggering revenue from America, yet pay no taxes.

So saving America is simple.

Tax corporations the 850 billion dollars, not citizens.

It’s that simple. A 13% flat tax rate to every company that generates revenue from America, and mandatory American labor quotas and America would not have a deficit or a recession.

The answer is to make big business pay.

Big business has led us to this precipice, and on top of the 1.4 trillion (two 700 Billion expenditures in 2008 ) already paid to business for being incompetent and placing us here, President Obama and the Democratic congress are leading the American people down a path of further denigration to big business, and further stratification between rich and poor [And if you will look at the Democratic controlled congress, the democrats are largely stocked with conservatives. I noticed this in the 2008 election, while I voted for Obama (the lesser of two evils) it was clear the sane choices, the liberal choices, for some of the lesser seats… were republicans (not all, but some, and I voted accordingly].

The Democratic party, is not to blindly be trusted. Especially not today. This has happened before. After the reconstruction, where the liberal Republican party became conservative. That seashift is happening again, in reverse, the Democratic party is becoming conservative.

So don’t follow the damn labels.

Look at the god damn voting record of the person running.

Do your homework.

Before we’re all out of time.

America doesn’t have another 850 billion dollars to give away to big business. To support companies that are crippling us. You will only further sell generations not yet born into financial bondage to bail millionaires and billionaires out of the natural aftermath of their greed, by rewarding their greed.

This is not the way.

Let them pay what they owe. Like other countries, mandate usage of domestic labor for companies that do business in their shores; and also mandate the elimination of tax loops for business (not the granting of further tax loops, which is what Obama’s insane Stimulus package offers).

I respect President Obama to a point.

But that point ends, where he sells out, like Bush before him, the welfare of this nation, to corporate masters.

President Obama is an obviously intelligent man, so he knows absolutely the folly of robbing the poor to feed the rich, robbing the many to feed the few.

And to do it anyway, shows a man with too little grasp of history. And too little recognition of the fact, that he and not his backers will be remembered for the crimes done under his watch.

Like Colin Powell he will be left holding the bag.

He is a tool.

I said as much, if you will remember in my earlier discussion about presidential candidates. But I had hoped… I had hoped he could be more than the strings that bind him.

Less than a month into his reign, and the Gaza Strip is in flames, and the corporate wolves are lined up at your door.

So obviously, my hopes were… misguided. Though I would still like to believe he will rise to the challenge of his times. But this Stimulus package is a falling down, not a standing up.

So, find out who your representatives are, tell them no more money to big business. No ‘stimulus’ package for the architects of a nation’s fall. Find out how they vote. Write their names on your wall, look at it every day, and remember it. Remember the republicans who sold you out. Remember the Democrats who sold you out.

Remember their names.

Because they will come up again.

Begging like dogs for your bone, and counting on your laziness and stupidity, not to even remember how they screwed you last time.

Counting on your stupidity.

Fool them.

Learn their names. Those who voted, and prepare to vote, your rights away.

Learn their names, and prepare for them… a day of reckoning.