Richard Marquand (1938–1987)

Was a director who helmed only 10 features in his career, not enough to forge any real stylistic identity in the minds of filmgoers. However some notable films in his filmography were EDWARD THE II and THE SEARCH FOR THE NILE (both tv productions done 1970, and 1971 respectively, seemingly very well received, but he would not work again as a director for 6 years, and both films are not available on DVD), he would follow those up with intriguing films such as LEGACY, EYE OF THE NEEDLE, RETURN OF THE JEDI, JAGGED EDGE. The latter three I’ve seen, EYE OF THE NEEDLE a war/espionage thriller with a standout performance by Donald Sutherland being a personal favorite, and comes higly recommended. But both RETURN OF THE JEDI and JAGGED EDGE are very accomplished films, and LEGACY has a good reputation as a thriller/horror film. So all in all, the filmography of a talented director who left us too soon.