And still she rises… Haiti and the 1st and 2nd occupations… And the turning of the world

My blood boils.

Mostly because beyond the bullshit in the media, it is the stupid things people say to me about Haiti.

“This Earthquake could be a good thing for Haiti because it will let America come in and set her up, and organize her.”

Here’s the thing.

The world isn’t a mess because bad people make bad choices.

The world is a mess because good people, accept bad choices and bad reasoning as gospel, accept lies as truths without examining them. And then pat themselves on the back for being openminded, and liberal, and helping the less fortunate.

When the truth is, everything about your life has led Haiti to her crucifixion.

Haiti doesn’t need your pity.

Haiti needs for you to read a book.

And know what the heck you’re talking about before you fall pro or against on an argument.

America and the UN, the West, has been “in” Haiti’s business since that lone island state changed the face of the western hemisphere in 1804, by giving a black eye to slavery.

Haiti has been repaid for that temerity of standing up, by bloody American occupations, to make Nazi Germany flinch, 1915-1934. Followed by period of UN economic “help” that left the most fertile land in the western hemisphere an arid desert through destructive farming procedures that raped the land. So now a country that prior to UN intervention could raise it’s own food, had to import food in order to keep its population alive.

And that leads into Papa Doc regimes, funded by US dollars, and crushing loans by the World Bank designed to keep poor countries poor, and years of nightmare dictatorships, which finally, finally after generations with the 2000 elections and a candidate, Aristide, poised to get them off the disastrous US/UN foreign “aide” that has kept the nation crippled, a candidate who is overwhelmingly voted in by over 90% of the population, when US elections can barely get over 50%, and what does America do, do we applaud this show of true democracy?


It’s a non-US candidate.

We Invade.


Where were all the ads to help Haiti then?


Where was Dell? Where was the RED CROSS? Where were the marines? I can tell you where the marines were, the marines were in Haiti killing Haitians. And they’ve been there ever since.

They ousted a duly elected government, and they repeated the bloody occupation of 1915.

And like the war of 1915, no one said a word of it on mass media.

So the war didn’t exist.

Here’s the thing.

Nothing is forgotten.

Nothing is ever forgotten.

The occupation/holocaust of 1915 to 1934 happened, and the occupation/holocaust of 2001 is continuing to happen.

So no, I will not buy America as the cowboy on the white hat riding in to do Haiti any good. All America is riding in to do, is to finally after 200+ years make the island that first spoke to the western hemisphere of being free, give up… even the hope of freedom.

And that, my dear liberal, my dear conservative, my dear hypocrite… is a defeat for true democracy, and more… it’s a defeat for humanity.

And… it will not stand.

The spirit of Haiti will rise again, even if she must do so in the sons and daughters of her tormentors. Haiti will rise, through occupation, through holocaust, through mass murder, through acts of man and science, Haiti will rise. Be it in a year, be it in scores of years… Haiti will rise.

Just as surely as the turning of the world.