Halloween Countdown – 7 for 7 – Seven Movies and Seven Reviews! Day 4!

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Insidious (#8 of 9)Insidious: Chapter 3 Movie Poster

The INSIDIOUS series is the definition of hit and miss, with the odd ones being good, and the even # ones leaving much to be desired. So INSIDIOUS 1 and 3 (both available on Netflix) make this list.


The Autopsy of Jane Doe Movie PosterI

I was not expecting much when starting my viewing of THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE. I went into it not having read reviews, and knowing nothing about it beyond the poster and people stating it was good. The accolades for it our correct. Also it stars the great Brian Cox, who elevates any movie he is in. WoW this is a good film! A solid B+. (Available on Netflix)

Kirby Johnson in The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)

Two great movies about dead bodies, morgues and autopsies in the same year?!! Who would have thought it? The POSSESSION OF HANNAH GRACE makes a GREAT double feature with THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE.  


Sohum Shah in Tumbbad (2018)

TUMBBAD has truly terrifying moments. A Brilliant film out of India, this is nother MUST OWN film. (Currently available to view on Amazon Prime)



El bosque negro (2018)Another winner is the recent discovery from Brazil, THE BLACK FOREST (El Bosque Negro or A Mata Negra from 2018). See my previous review, highly recommended. This is a must own film. (Currently on Amazon Prime.)


Laplace's Demon.jpgAnother home-run is the Italian film THE LAPLACE’S DEMON. A puzzle house movie for those seeking intelligence and suspense over gore. A great film. (Amazon Prime)



That is this installment’s 7 for 7! Enjoy and come back for more selections!




DVD Reviews: Winners and Losers

INSIDIOUS vs SINISTER is a nice study in contrasts. Ostensibly both films claim the same creative DNA, however INSIDIOUS is full stop one of the best and most effective horror movies I’ve seen in years, INSIDIOUS director James Wan at the height of his considerable powers; while SINISTER director/writer duo of Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill craft a film that is inept to the point of ridicule.


Star of SINISTER, Ethan Hawkes continues his streak of being (for me) an actor to avoid, in movies to avoid. But in his partial defense the brain-dead story-arc he is given to follow would keep any actor from performing credibly [SPOILERS: But honestly this film is too rotten to spoil any worse :). But here is what passes for a plot. A seeming serial killer leaves evidence of his slaughters in the home of his latest victims, the home the protagonist decides to buy, and not only does this protagonist, a failing true-crime writer, think it is feasible to keep evidence of mass murder from the police, he also thinks nothing of keeping his family in a house that there is all evidence said mass-murderer will return to. Like I said with a plot like that, it arrives spoiled. :)]

Just slap “insult to intelligence” on this film and move on.

SINISTER goes beyond stupid, to really being an insult to the viewer’s wit, and a waste of the viewer’s time. And on top of that the direction is so uninspired and tepid, the scenes with the prancing children shushing people look like the rushes of a bad home movie, impossible to take seriously, or be anything but silly.

Final Verdict: Stick with INSIDIOUS and avoid SINISTER!

DVD Reviews: Winners and Losers

Recent DVD winners and losers


This movie is far better than the exploitative popcorn title would have you believe. It mixes (surprisingly elegantly) outrageous fantasy and monster tropes with still redolent historical moments, and wraps it all in mesmerizing action and brilliant direction. I was and remain hugely impressed. Timur Bekmambetov continues to be a director to watch. And writer Seth Grahame-Smith surprises with a script that for all its action and outrageousness is surprisingly heartfelt and earnest and full of the import of those years of civil war. Highly Recommended.

I think far more movies in general, and horror movies specifically, disappoint than satisfy. INSIDIOUS fortunately falls into the latter category. Being from first frame to last a downright compelling, creepy, and scary horror film. It’s a keeper.

David Mamet on his game is a joy to behold, and here in REDBELT he is plain superlative, in this tale of a Jujitsu instructor, played mesmerizingly by Chiwetel Ejiofor, and the lives that intersect one night, and the ramifications of that intersection. It’s a wonderful drama, that also happens to have some thrilling sequences of… prevailing. A movie to own. Highly Recommended!

So if these are this week’s winners, what are the losers? Glad you asked, they are:

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That’s all for this run around. Check back later for more.