Look up and Look Forward

“Since corrupt people unite amongst themselves to constitute a force, honest people must do the same.”

–Tolstoy’s WAR & PEACE


At a historic moment, when the whole world should be watching the gripping and monumental return of  manned flight from US soil (constant coverage on all our networks, not just the SPACE X  and other youtube channels) , aboard a new vehicle for the start of a new age of revamped space flight — too many of us are embroiled in looking down, and back, or not looking at all.

When Man should be taking steps to the stars, toward progress that is monumental, too many of us are captivated instead with old fights and old hates and old thinking, that keeps us here in the 21st century, behaving like we are still in the 19th century.

I do not advocate ignoring the stupidity and challenges foisted on us by bad actors, who are actively engaged with the negative, and the venal and the ignoble.

What I am saying is we must deal with the bigots and venal and un-evolved and psychopathic among us, but not to the point of losing our forward momentum to the backpedaling monsters of our age.

What I am saying is people have died, and we must stem the dying, people have hated and we must stem the hate,  people have abused their positions of trust and power, and we must remove them from those positions. But none of these corrective things do we do, at the cost of looking forward, and thinking forward, and moving forward.


There will always be that small mad segment, that wants to do nothing more than throw feces against walls, and breed chaos, rather than calm. We will never move forward allowing ourselves to be led by the gibbering mad. The only way to truly beat such backward thinking, is by actively moving forward.

If we have corrupt individuals we will remove them. Whether that individual calls  himself terrorist or patriot. If we have corrupt officers we will remove them. If we have corrupt organizations we will remove them. If we have corrupt representatives we will remove them. If we have corrupt city-states we will remove them. If we have corrupt nations we will remove them. If we have corrupt mega-corporations, we will remove them.

This is the work of progress.

To move toward a more perfect union,

And too many have fought and bled and die, for this forward momentum, to be swept backward by the mad, and sad, and monumentally stupid.

There is a wonderful book out there (I listened to the audio book) called THE PSYCHOPATH TEST which I highly recommend, and explains a lot about the world outside our door, and points, intriguingly, to real world steps we can take to deal with it.


If our law enforcement is blemished by bad actors, we will institute psychopath tests to weed out unstable and caustic elements. The same with our Representatives, or judges or any in positions of public trust.  And we extend this diligence to the citizens, you need to pass psychopath tests to own a weapon. The more weapons, the more tests.

We must take steps to limit the dying, stem the hate, halt the abuse of power

The introduction of commercial space travel–  that opens up the possibility of space flight— to all. But it does more than that, it opens up the possibility on a greater perspective of who we are as individuals, and who we are as a species. A fragile organism on a ball of rock, spinning through the night. Perhaps all alone in the night, but all together in our journey.


Look up and look forward.

5 favorite audio books NOT available via streaming, spotify or Audible! Book #5 WOLFEN!

There are about two dozen truly great audio actors, whose work on audio books, is a MUST OWN. Among them are Orson Welles, David Birney, Harlan Ellison, Roddy McDowall, James Mason, Michael Boatman to name a few.

Some of these guys work, for various reasons such as rights etc, are not available via streaming or in some cases even on CD. But these are preeminent works, of the greatest voice actors of their respective era, giving their greatest deliveries. And they can still be picked up via LP or cassette, at affordable prices, and deserve to be.

Once bought on LP or cassette go ahead and digitize it so you have these must own works in a preserved format. Here then without further ado, is the first of our 5 must own audio books!

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41-EAZMm3fL._SX295_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg Roddy McDowall reads WOLFEN- I am a huge fan of the 1981 WOLFEN film, I think it is a flawed, but unjustly overlooked masterpeice. However, I love this audio book version as much, perhaps even more, and that iis down to Roddy McDowall.

Roddy McDowall, a prolific actor with over 250 credits to his name, who is likely only remembered by a younger generation for his turn in FRIGHT NIGHT (1985),  gave some of the great, humanistic performances of cinema in his abundant career. From Academy Award winning turn in HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY (1941)  to his immortal role as Caesar in PLANET OF THE APES (1968) to THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (1973) to the aforementioned FRIGHT NIGHT (1985), and everything in between, Roddy McDowall, despite the quality of the film or script, never gave a bad performance. The consummate actor, he always carried his role, you always believed him; and he brings that veracity to this audio book, and paints with his voice the hallowed and harrowing world of WOLFEN.

Click on the link below to acquire this essential bit of audio book history.


The Wolfen Audio Cassette – June 1, 1990

Material Type: Fiction, Audio book, etc.
Document Type: Sound Recording
All Authors / Contributors: Whitley Strieber; Roddy McDowall

ISBN: 1558002227 9781558002227
OCLC Number: 21983678
Notes: Abridged from the author’s book of the same title.
Performer(s): Reader, Roddy McDowall.
Description: 2 audiocassettes (approximately 180 min.) : digital, Dolby processed, 1/8 in. tape
Responsibility: author, Whitley Strieben.

Image of the Day : As if from a Great Height


Images from the stunning Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America located on 45+ acres in Washington, DC. One of the areas hidden gems, even people who have lived their whole lives on the east coast tend to be unaware of this historic and spiritual architectural gem.

The mission and mandate of the monastery was to recreate the moments and places of Christ’s life in the Americas, to be a pilgrimage to the Holy Land recreated in the new land; and as such its importance is at once regional, national, and international, and undeniably spiritual regardless of your religion.

The guided tours, taught by informative (and in our case) witty guides are just a must to attend when in the area, as are the rolling and beautiful grounds that cover over 45 acres. It is more to see then you can take in on any one trip, but what you do take in on that one trip… will stay with you.

IMAG1498 IMAG1485 IMAG1528

Movie of the Day/Free Download of the Day: LES VAMPIRES


All ten episodes of this 1915 groundbreaking silent serial by acclaimed French Director Louis Feuillade are available on Archive.org.

One of the earliest serials and one of the best, this 10 episode 7 hour serial is available in a wonderful constantly changing tinted print, going from sepia to greens to blues, with a wonderful orchestrated score.

The story begins with a reporter on the trail of a murderous crime organization, their latest crime being killing a police inspector and stealing his head. Pretty insidious stuff by any standards.

The episodes are told, like any good silent film in mostly body language, so paying attention to details is of paramount importance. But if you do give it your attention, you’ll be rewarded with a fast moving, baroque, imaginative and compelling serial.

Initially banned by the French police (let’s face it when you start a serial by putting a police inspector’s head in a box, you’re liable to ruffle a feather or two) it was a huge success when finally seen, and has remained a hugely influential film on everyone from Fritz Lang to Alfred Hitchcock.

And just a few years shy of its 100th anniversary, it’s a testament to the film and the filmmaker that it continues to be riveting, fresh and surprising entertainment.

There’s a scene in episode 3 (Minor Spoiler so skip to the next paragraph to avoid) that I wasn’t expecting, where the obsessed hero mercilessly guns down suspected Vampire members Irma Vep and Dr. Nox, and even though that doesn’t work out like he thought, it’s the ruthless, no hesitation way he goes about it that took me by surprise.

And the serial sports humor as well, episode 4 sports an old codger hitting on a young lass
by trying to take her to the movies, saying “I’m a Film Fanatic!”. And considering it’s 1915, it would be like someone saying today “I’m a virtual reality video game fanatic!”. It’s just kinda cool, how hip the movie was for its day.

It’s good stuff, and but one surprise of many the serial has to offer. All DVD versions of this serial are out of print and fetching quite a bit on the secondary market. Though I do forsee it coming back in print in time for its centennial in 2015, You can price DVD versions here:

LES VAMPIRES Region 1 Price it here!

Les Vampires: 3 Disk Version!— This is a PAL version, and is pure B&W with no color tinting, and from what I can tell from the stills a sharper, clearer, more detailed picture than the US version.

That said I think I would miss the color tinting of the US version as that serves, I feel, to really keep you focused.

I love B&W but I can see it over the course of 7 hours getting monotonous, and the tinted version, with its rotating color scheme, I think helps a lot with that. Also I quite like the US score, and by all resports this PAL score is not as good. But I can’t confirm that. All in all I think you’d have a hard time going wrong with either disk. So feel free to check availability.

However till then, or to try before you buy, you can enjoy this great copy courtesy of Archive.org. Start with episode #1 here!

Highly, Highly recommended.