SING YOUR SONG- Speak truth to Power. It’s an old statement, one that is said, but seldom lived.

Because Power Today, as in yesterday, tries to take everything from you, and then take more. So it’s easier for the mass of men to just stick our heads in the sand, ignore the world, and hope Power doesn’t know we’re alive. Hope we stay out of Power’s way. Stay out of Tyranny’s way. Hope we don’t challenge the status quo.

But someone who has never hid, never closed his eyes to injustice, never swallowed lies, someone who has always… spoken truth to power, is the subject of this biopic. And a greater man, and a greater inspiration, you’ll be hard pressed to find. It’s a film about a hero, in the only real sense of the word.

In an age of stupidities such as American Idol, the term Idol has been watered down to near meaningless, but Harry BelaFonte, in the best and truest sense of that word is an Idol, to be learned from, an Idol… to inspire, and a life, no… a courage to… strive toward.

You should feel ashamed. Ashamed when you watch this trailer, that you have let one man do so much, when you have done so little. And if you feel shame, and an inexplicable anger, and a desire to commit yourself to doing more, than there is hope for your soul.

For all our souls.

A great trailer, highlights a must see film. And a trailer and a film, that should galvanize you to… try. Keep trying toward, and fighting for, all those liberties and rights, we have gotten so use to the politicians and the press… stealing away.

A lot have fought and sacrificed to get us this far, so it falls on our shoulders, not just to keep from falling backwards, that’s not enough, our goal must be to push forward. To push into them, push through them, push beyond them.

All the thems, that would have us marching backward.

Our goal must be no less, than speaking truth to power.

Whatever the cost.

Watch the trailer here.