UFC252 Part2 : Post Fight Results – The Final Word


UFC252 lived up to the hype in surprising ways.

Chito Marlon Vera stops the unbeaten Sean O’Malley in great style. By all reports it was Vera’s great kicks to O’Malley’s legs that caused the leg to buckle. And Vera, like the warrior he has proved himself to be,  finished O’Malley. Thumbs up for Vera. And hats off to O’Malley, he is a young tough guy, falling down and learning from it, should only make him a better fighter.

Stipe defeats Cormier by decision. I heard the play by play and have seen the screen grabs, what a great fight. Stipe gets it done, cementing himself as one of the best and longest running Heavyweight champions (adding all his time as heavyweight champion, and all his title defenses).

And Cormier’s already high stock, only goes up with this fight. To put on the kind of performance he did, from bell to bell, and after effectively losing an eye in the 2nd round— wow. When you use the term legend and champion performance, its hard not to have Daniel Cormier in mind.

It does bring up the thought they need to either alter the gloves like fighter Cory MacDonald suggested, so that fighters can still grapple but not fully extend their fingers, to make eye-pokes less prevalent, or have these guys go in with at least protective contacts. Contacts won’t help with avoiding a detached retina (that may come with a severe eye-poke), however they should help protect the cornea from getting scratched, which is potentially the more severe issue.

That damage to DC’s eye looked very severe. Hoping he gets immediate and great care, and that therE is no permanent or irreparable damage. He can go into retirement knowing he has repeatedly fought the best in the world and, in victory or in defeat, always been the best in the world.

My best goes out to all the fighters, and hoping they all have a speedy and full recovery.

VOD Amazon Prime Movie of the Day! LIFE TRACKER (2013) – Surprisingly Effective Found Footage Films!

Joe McClean’s LIFE TRACKER from 2013, in a sea of Video On Demand disappointments is that rarest of things… worth your time.

More than that, this tale of a ‘man on the street’ view of a new technology that potentially has staggering implications for human existence, is one of the strongest of an often derided genre, the found footage film.

I personally am not a fan of Found Footage Films, I think most of the Paranormal Activity’s are awful, and I found BLAIR WITCH and CLOVERFIELD and APOLLO 18 worthless, and SACRAMENT a disappointment. However, LIFE TRACKER thankfully joins the list of movies that get it right, films like the first REC, TROLLHUNTER, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3, 1st GRAVE ENCOUNTERS, EUROPA REPORT and FRANKENSTEIN THEORY.

Intelligent and original, well acted and well directed, and using the camera conceit effectively (not always keeping subjects in frame, pointing the camera at the ground. Realistic touches without the shaky cam, or other nonsense, that gets in the way of telling a coherent story) LIFE TRACKER is currently showing on Amazon Prime, but this is a film definitely deserving of a full blown DVD or BLu-Ray release with Director’s and cast commentary.

Grade: Strongly Recommended

The Best & Worst of FOUND FOOTAGE films

Got the idea for this post from the excellent HORROR ETC podcast. So without further ado the best and worst of found footage films.


THE BAY – Starts off well, but the third act/ending is a disappointment
LAKE MUNGO – Movie never really takes off, or lives up to the hype, but it was well done for what it was