STRAW DOGS Remake September 2011 Release Poster Update

I had previously posted the following regarding the upcoming September 2011 release of STRAW DOGS:

STRAW DOGS- As I’ve previously mentioned I have my qualms about this remake, and having just seen the trailer it only increases my doubts about this film. First the trailer basically is the entire film, and 2nd the film is a pretty formulaic reduction of a far more complex original, and 3rd the actors as I’ve previously discussed. Basically the trailer has actually decreased my interest in this film. The lack of a decent poster at this late stage, illustrating the lack of this films identity when compared to the original, that has one of the great, iconic posters of film. So based on all this, currently no plans to see this remake in the theater if at all.

Well proof that marketing departments everywhere take a gander at this blog :), STRAW DOG marketing has released a new poster:

It’s not bad, infact it is a very good poster, but I have to say I’m still not remotely interested in seeing this film.

The new poster does not change this film’s uninteresting trailer, and uninteresting casting. The only thing that gives me hope in this film is director Rod Lurie of THE CONTENDER fame. However even he is not enough for me to pay theater prices to see this. It’s rental fodder.