Horrendous, disturbing, and brillant. A biting and horrific indictment as well as pitch dark satire of the 24 hour news cycle, and selling horror as an American pastime, and the rise of dysfunctional people in a dysfunctional society.

The direction by Dan Gilroy is stellar, but what really amazes is the performance of Jake Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal is absoultely atounding. You can not take your eyes off his haunted, emaciated face. His performance is the stuff of awards.

This film, NICGHTCRAWLER, written and directed by Dan Gilroy is a masterful debut. The calling card of not a Director to watch, but a seasoned professional at the height of his powers. Highly Recommended.

Currently Watching : AGATHA CHRISTIE’S POIROT on Netflix VOD

Having exhausted all the episodes of many BBC shows, including both the seminal Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes and the inventive Benedict Cumberbatch series, I find myself using Netflix to find overlooked shows from yesteryear to give a try.

This weekend Agatha Christie’s POIROT finally made my radar. Initially viewed as a Belgium and more sedate and less exciting Sherlock Holmes, it grows on you none-the-less, six episodes in and I’m liking if not loving what I see, a passable, light-hearted comedy of manners, in a mystery setting.

The ratings so far with most of the first season done is:

1 1-01 101 08/Jan/89 The Adventure of the Clapham Cook ENJOYABLE INTRODUCTION
2 1-02 102 15/Jan/89 Murder in the Mews COMPELLING Locked Room crime
3 1-03 103 22/Jan/89 The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly INTRIGUING tale of a foretold kidnapping
4 1-04 104 29/Jan/89 Four and Twenty Blackbirds FORGETTABLE
5 1-05 105 05/Feb/89 The Third Floor Flat ENJOYABLE
6 1-06 106 12/Feb/89 Triangle at Rhodes PLODDING

Come by next time for more.