IRON MAN from Comic to Movie: Favorite Covers from 1 to 100!

With IRON MAN 3 on the horizon I thought now was agreat time to pick my favorite IRONMAN issues from the first 100 issues of the title.

And in no particular order here they are:

94-1 93-1 92-1 90-1 78-1 67-1 66-1 64-1 63-1 62-1 54-1 49-1 48-1 47-1 46-1 45-1 28-1 18-1 44-1




Classic SPICY DETECTIVE Covers!!

As any casual visitor to this blog knows I’m a huge pulp fiction fan, so I’m always on the lookout for vintage or new age pulp covers that grab me. Under the heading risque Vintage Pulp Fiction covers comes the following selection of classic, caustic, and even calamitous covers from the defunct but rightly named SPICY DETECTIVE STORIES.

Take a gander and enjoy!

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And if you’d actually like to read one of these stories (A Norvell Page!!) go here.

Favorite Golden Age Captain America Covers! The best of the first 50 issues!

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