Fanfare for a Death Scene (1964) and best Cinematographers!!

Today’s recommended movie FANFARE FOR A DEATH SCENE (1964)


This is a forgotten little 1964 made for TV movie, that sports the phenomenal camera work of the great Conrad L. Hall. The opening sequence alone is reason enough to view this film.

You can view the film courtesy of Amazon Prime.

Click here for Fanfare For A Death Scene

When it comes to the great camera men of cinema, Conrad Hall, in terms of bravura visual styling and seminal impact, is right up there with the best of cinematographers.

The best of them being Karl Freund (the father of cinematography in many ways, creating much of the visual techniques and language of cinema in ground breaking films such as METROPOLIS and DRACULA) Karl Struss (SUNSHINE) and Freddie Young (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA), James Wong Howe (SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS), Vilmos Zsigmond (two great collaborations with Robert Altman, IMAGES and THE LONG GOODBYE), Geoffrey Unsworth (2001, SUPER MAN), Bradford Young (MOTHER OF GEORGE, AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS, PAWN SACRIFICE, A MOST VIOLENT YEAR, SELMA), Guy Green (GREAT EXPECTATIONS), Lisa RInzler (MENACE II SOCIETY), Sergey Urusevskiy (I AM CUBA), John Alton (his wonderful collaborations with Anthony Mann, such as T-MEN, RAW DEAL), and Yoshio Miyajima (particularly with his collaborations with Masaki Kobayashi in films such as HARA KIRI and KWAIDAN).

For more on FANFARE FOR A DEATH SCENE there is a wonderful article on the production by Stephen Bowie here!

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PODCAST OF THE DAY: SIDEBAR CAST, Walking Dead, Cinematographers vs. Directors, Directing Style

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    Podcast of the Day:

The guys at SIDEBAR CAST have a really enjoyable pod-cast today. The pod-cast generally covers illustrators and artists, today they expand that a bit to interview Director/Filmmaker Ernest Dickerson.

Ernest Dickerson is these days most widely known as one of the Directors on WALKING DEAD! It’s a fun discussion! I haven’t watched WALKING DEAD yet, the conflicting reports has put me in no rush to see the series, plus I’m catching up on the Graphic Novel/issues.

But after listening to the discussion, I’ll make time when I can… to view the WALKING DEAD dvds. Also just Ernest Dickerson’s discussion on getting things made in Hollywood is hilarious. Particularly the hurdles and trials he had to go through to get his first film as director, JUICE, made.

Shame on you Richard Donner group. 🙂

Also great anecdotes about Gary Busey!!! Outside of my eye twitching whenever he says African-American (frequent surfers on this blog will know I hate the term African-American) it’s a captivating episode.

Give the SIDEBAR CAST a listen here. You’ll thank me!

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (3-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray]- Considering this is the only one with commentaries for the episodes, this would be the version to buy. I’m a commentary guy, for me there’s no sense buying a DVD that doesn’t offer special features and commentary.

However, with a $60 retail price for a 6 episode season (for the Blu-Ray), ANCHOR BAY/AMC must be on crack!!! First they put out the cheap barebones DVD and Blu-Ray, then they triple dip with a DVD/Blu-ray that Finally offers commentaries, but cranks the price up into the stratosphere. Shame on you ANCHOR BAY/AMC! Shame!

I’ll wait till 1/ the price drops to something sane like $12 or 2/ more likely they release the season1/season2 boxset at a decent price. For those of you not interested in waiting, you can get it
discounted here: The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (3-Disc Special Edition)

That’s the DVD, but is a lot more reasonably priced then the Blu-ray.