Netflix Movie of the Day: PUNCTURE


PUNCTURE – If all you know Chris Evans from is the Captain America movies (as enjoyable as those are), I urge you to try another facet of him, with the excellent bio-pic PUNCTURE by director and star Mark Kassen.

A moving and I fear unknown chapter in recent health and American history. At least it was definitely unknown to me, the story of syringes, and how the choice of one over the other, was paid and continues to be paid in Millions of lives.

A moving, riveting film… told as well as it could be told. Strongly recommended.

There is a line that… stays with me, from Kenneth Branagh’s take on Shakespeare’s HENRY V.

Branagh’s first film, and still my favorite of his film, he plays the young Henry on the bloody trudge through France, and upon witnessing the horror there, they churn his outrage, they raise his ire, they offend him to his core, and he says to sum all that rage up… “I was not angry till I came to France”.

That line comes to me when I am outraged.

It is to the great credit of PUNCTURE, that it brought that line to mind.

I was not angry till I came to France.

The only way I know to deal with that… ire, is to act in small ways and in large. Each giving acoording to their gifts and getting according to their needs.

I was not angry till I came to France.

Here are some ways… to get involved:

I just donated $50 to Unicef using the link above, and signed up for their email list. I charge you to do likewise. In all honesty it would have killed me not to give. If you feel the same, please use the link above. Give according to your gifts, and get according to your needs.