Watching disk #4 of STAR TREK CAPTAIN’S LOG, the VOYAGER episodes, I found this disk far better than I thought it would be.

These episodes avoid the things I didn’t like about the show, the whole infighting/backstabbing/civil war type dynamic, the Tom, B’ Ellana characters being particularly annoying (actually most of the characters were annoying and unlikeble, a failing of the series), and instead embraced solid, straight-forward, fun sci-fi adventure tales with a hint of pathos. And of course the jaw dropping appearance/figure of Jeri Ryan does not hurt at all, and all the actors here deliver solid performances.

Kate Mulgrew’s commentary is very insiteful, and more than a bit impressive, in how completely and carefully and passionately she views her craft. So contrary to my earlier posting this is definitely a disc to be considered a plus of this collection, as it does highlight good episodes of Voyager.

STAR TREK CAPTAIN’S LOG Disk #5 Enterprise

“Character is Destiny.”

William Shatner says that in disc one of the 5 disk STAR TREK CAPTAIN’S LOG Box Set, and that philosophy, edict, belief sums up what separates the best trek, Star Trek, DS9, Next Generation from the shows I had no affinity for, Voyager and Enterprise.

These later shows suffer from an unfocused premise, lackluster, and oft uninteresting or irritating characters, and poor writing, which translates into poor direction and performances.

ENTERPRISE starring Scott Bakula is a particular disappointment. A more uninteresting bunch of actors you would have a hard time finding, They all appear to be constipated all the time and having no joy or fun. The Marcus guy, every-time you put the camera on him, looks like he wants to cry and the other actors are just boring.

Bakula who was great in Quantum Leap, and I was happy when I initially heard of his casting, thinking he would bring that range to his role, is very one-note and constipated in this series. And all the actors are as much fun or interest as a root canal.

The supposed fan selected ‘best’ episodes just highlights the weakness of the later trek series. But luckily the first three disks… rock, and are worth the price of admission.