The Lost Men Series : Four GREAT films currently available on Streaming!

The Lost Men Series : Four GREAT films currently available on Streaming!





These four films, which did not get theatrical releases, are far better than the vast majority of films that do reach the theaters. Disappointing films such as DEAD MAN DOWN and SPRING BREAKERS get screen time, when visually and thematically superior films such as Tim McCann’s brilliant ANOTHER ZERO IN THE SYSTEM and Dan Eberle’s enthralling, nearly wordless PRAYER TO A VENGEFUL GOD go unheralded.

And Michael Morrissey’s impressive BOY WONDER is the myth of masked vengeance done better than most big budget super-hero movies. Rounding out the quartet, director Brian A. Miller’s HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN is one of the best neo-noirs seen since the Coen Brother’s BLOOD SIMPLE or Craig Ross Jr’s frenetic and fantastic CAPPUCCINO. Dave Bautista delivering a surprisingly elegant and understated performance.

One of the common threads these four movies share is understated but brilliant performances, as well as a thematic conceit of men either at odds or abandoned by the judicial system, who must themselves find justice for those around them.

From Mike Simmons memorable turn as the protagonist in ANOTHER ZERO IN THE SYSTEM (A great film unfairly lambasted by the short-sighted crowd, there’s rumors of director Tim McCann and star Mike Simmons in talk to helm the new Luke Cage/Power-Man series from Marvel/Netflix — to which I say… heck yes!) to Director/Writer Dan Eberle, also doing triple duty as star in his PRAYER TO A VENGEFUL GOD. Together these four films create a new and refreshing phase of American cinema, a new wave if you will.

Sample them for yourself while they last on streaming services, and when you find yourself smitten with them… purchase your copies here:

Another Zero in the System

Prayer to a Vengeful God

Boy Wonder

House of the Rising Sun



Dance of the Damned – Definitely of its 80s time, and since films (among them a mediocre ‘remake’) and television shows have borrowed liberally from this film’s premise it will seem familiar, but I think here in this low-budget nearly one scene film, is where this premise of predator and prey and the time before dawn… works best.

Dance of the Damned [VHS]

Cappuccino (1998) – I’ve spoken about this film before. A GREAT modern day noir/neo noir. And one that I definitely miss not having a great DVD version of with Director and Cast/Crew commentary.

Cappuccino [VHS]

Dark Side of the Moon – This low-budget ALIEN ripoff, I should hate desperately, as I dislike most of the knockoffs that popped up in the wake of ALIEN. The problem is, ..

Did anybody see that Jody Foster film SOMMERSBY where David Gere comes back as someone purporting to be her missing husband, and she keeps saying he’s not her husband, and finally he asks her why she doesn’t believe he’s her husband, and she responds, with that drawl, the way only Jodie Foster can…


God I adore Jody Foster. Wait did I say that out loud?

Anyhow that line illuminates a bit of my feelings regarding DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.

While I acknowledge ALIEN is the better, superior film in terms of budget, craft, performance, direction, etc. DARK SIDE OF THE MOON’s central conceit, at the time just wowed me.

And the thing is, even though all kind of films have tried to redo this film’s premise, it was done best here. I strongly recommend going into this film not knowing anything, no synopsis, no reviews, nothing, and I think you’ll find a film to enjoy.

Let’s put it this way, having seen this film numerous times, I still enjoy it. And I’m always in the mood to watch it again, unlike ALIEN that I feel very little desire to revisit.

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is the more intriguing and metaphysical film. Definitely deserves to be remastered and preserved on DVD.

Dark Side of the Moon [VHS]

If you have films you think need to be on DVD, definitely feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!