Creepiest Post of the Day: Screaming, Furry, Nearly Indestructible Bugs?!!

Okay in some way this has got to be the GMO companies, and the government’s Black Bag projects at work. :).

What am I talking about?

Give a reading here, and when done listen to the good folks at B-MOVIE CAST here (around the 20 minute mark) discuss trying to kill, the near indestructible RED VELVET (COW KILLER) WASP/ANT!

Vince of B-MOVIE CAST mentions trying to kill one of the huge bugs by stepping on it (a natural reaction, I would think to a blood red bug, the size of a few bees on hormones crawling toward you), only to have its head and upper body walk away from the crushing with it making a bloodcurdling screaming noise.

Game over man! Game over!

Damn Secret Government gene-splicing experiments! 🙂

p.s. The pic is of the wimpy male, The female has no wings, and is the one in the habit of killing anything that bugs it. Just like human women. I’m JOKING!!!!!



THE FAMISHED ROAD by Ben Okri. Just completed the first chapter, lyric and beautiful. Magical realism at its finest.

SHE’S GONE by Kwame Dawes. The story of Kingston Reggae Rockers and their walks on shifting ground. Starting off very strong.

THE HARRY FANNIN DETECTIVE NOVELS: EPITAPH FOR A TRAMP AND EPITAPH FOR A DEADBEAT by David Markson. A great first chapter doesn’t guarantee a great book, but more often than not it’s a pretty good indictaor. And this books offers a great first chapter.

H.P. LOVECRAFT THE TOMB AND OTHER TALES- Anthology of Lovecraft stories, the title story THE TOMB I found pretty underwhelming.


I’ve purchased the complete BBC JECKYL series, after viewing two of the episodes. I’ve bought the original BBC Pal DVDs, and not the shorter American edited version that was shown on BBC America,

The show from what I’ve see is Brilliant. Brilliant enough that I’m paying more to get the PAL DVDs.

Have also bought seasons 1 and 2 of LOST, so I can finally see what all the hype is about.

On the rental front I recently tried 2 movies, one called BUGS and one called HEADSPACE, both covered in all kinds of lofty reviews, and both failing to live up to them. With BUGS being the more disappointing of the two.